Police warn over horrifying WhatsApp user: What is Momo?

Police warn over horrifying WhatsApp user: What is Momo?
Momo game refers to an online challenge, which has reportedly started on Facebook, and then it was distributed through other social networks, as well as Reddit, where members were “challenged” to communicate with an unknown number. Someone with the name Momo appears in your WhatsApp, and it is impossible to delete this contact. It sends its victims horror pictures (mostly of disjointed bodies), says it knows everything about its contacts, including the location, and intimidate them in different ways. Momo may even give them a call, some people report hearing scary sounds or badly distorted voices.
The Momo avatar is an image of a woman with ugly features, bulging eyes taken from the work of Japanese artist Midori Hayashi, who is not associated with the game.
According to reports, Mexico, Argentina, United States, France, and Germany have been subjected to Momo’s “tricks.” As a rule, curious adolescents become the victims of the application.

Argentinean law enforcers are investigating the death of 12-year-old girl, which, according to the reports, they believe might be associated with the Momo “game.” It is reported that they allegedly unlocked the girl’s phone and discovered footage in which she claimed she would die for the purposes of the game. The suggestion is that the girl filmed the video before she took her own life.
The more you communicate with Momo, the more personal data from your smartphone leaks into the application, and the duration of the game increases.
As noted, originally the game appeared in the messenger WhatsApp, then - in Telegram and Skype. Today, the appearance of the main character of the application can be found in Facebook and VKontakte, however, these are most likely fake pages that popularize it. Experts believe that Momo as an interactive program only works in WhatsApp.
The application is bound to the number registered in Japan +81345102539. Other numbers, now they are online around seven, experts suspect, belong to imitators.

 “Japanese trace” does not end in the Momo’s story. Interestingly, the title image of the application is a real photo of a sculpture created in 2016 by Japanese company Link Factory, which works with the special effects.
In addition, it is important that the language of Momo ‘s communication depends on what language the person speaks. Experts believe that the application can adapt to any language, but if there is not enough data in the user’s phone, it speaks Japanese.
Therefore, its development is attributed to the local hackers.
Nevertheless, the likelihood that users from Ukraine may be involved in this game is very low. At the moment, the police did not record a single statement of victims of the Momo virus.
In early August it became known that in Japan the harmless application was neutralized. Because of the high speed of training and knowledge of several dozens of languages, a dangerous serial adder was recognized as an agent of artificial intelligence.
If you try to contact WhatsApp from Momo now, no one will answer, although it is ringing, the last visit of the contact was on July 11.
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