Another appearance to people: where is Kim Chen Un? (photo)

Last week North Korean state channel KRT spread the video with participation of the country leader Kim Chen Un in a military drill of the Korean People Army. It was the first public performance of the leader, starting from October 2014. It is seen on the photo and video that Kim Chen Un’s weight has ballooned. Immediately the Daily Star edition informed that the leader of North Korea cannot resist Swiss cheese, and, as a result, his figure ballooned and his health deteriorated. The leader of Korean People Democratic Republic (hereafter, KNDR) got addicted to the Emmental during his studies in Switzerland, informs the edition. This cheese is imported to North Korea especially for Kim Chen Un. However, Kim did not appear for more than month in the mass media. For instance, he did not visit Kumsusan Memorial Palace where the remains of his grandfather lie for the anniversary of foundation of ruling Labor party of Korea. 

After that Pyongyang confirmed that Kim Chen Un had health problems. It was announced that the leader of KNDR had hurt his leg in a military drill where he participated himself and ‘ordered all the generals to participate as well’.

Actually, throughout September Kim Chen Un did not visit anything that is strange for a country leader. In the beginning of October the newspaper ‘Nodon Sinmun’ published picture of Kim Chen Un walking with a cane during his visit of scientist’s residential district. Afterwards, South Korean media reported that he had surgery on removal a cyst from the ankle and now leader of KNDR is under rehabilitation.

However, on 5 November Kim Chen Un has appeared in public without cane. Naturally, frequent disappearances did not remain without attention of the world mass media. Some versions are full of creativity. For example, as of the version of the American magazine The New York Daily News, KNDR is ruled not by the third son of Kim Chen Ir, but his youngest and seventh child – sister of Kim Chen Un 27-years old Kim Yo Yong. It is known that she went to the same Swiss school as her brother. Since Kim Chen Ir came to power, his daughter started her rapid growth in the government and has held different positions. This was the reason why experts do not exclude the version according to which she is running the country secretly now.

Another version was presented by the edition The Daily Mail. According to the tabloid, North Korean leader could be under house arrest. However, expert on KNDR Felix Patrikeeff from Adelaide University says it is too early to make any conclusions. ‘Any Western reports on North Korea need to be taken with a grain of salt’, - the expert commented on statements on Kim Chen Un being under house arrest. It is possible to get some weight not only being under house arrest, but also while in the hospital.

And only The New York Times supposed that North Korean leader probably is sick. To assume the coupe in the country is not possible as there is no evidence of it. Last time it happened when everyone predicted that Kim Chen Un would be removed by his more experienced uncle. And look what happened to him,’ – said one of the American officials. 

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