Millions eggs recalled in Germany, Netherlands, and Belgium due to high content of banned toxin

Millions eggs recalled in Germany, Netherlands, and Belgium due to high content of banned toxinAbout 180 farms in the Netherlands have been temporarily closed and a criminal investigation has been launched as authorities seek to get a grip on the scale of the problem. About a million eggs destined for Germany were recalled from the border with the Netherlands this week.

This is reported by The Guardian.

Tests of chicken droppings, blood, and eggs had shown high levels of the insecticide fipronil, a common ingredient in veterinary products for getting rid of fleas, lice, and ticks, but banned from being used to treat animals destined for human consumption.

According to the World Health Organisation, the highly toxic substance can damage the liver, thyroid glands and kidneys if ingested in large amounts over time.

Belgian prosecutors are said to be examining the client list of two companies in Flanders specializing in the production and supply of anti-lice agents. It is feared that an insecticide legally used in the keeping of chickens had been spliced with the illegal substance to improve its effectiveness.

One Dutch newspaper, Trouw, suggested one of the companies may have had clients in the UK, France and Poland, although there is no suggestion so far that contaminated eggs are being sold in those countries.

The Dutch daily newspaper De Volkskrant reported that the illegal mix had been used on farms in the Netherlands for over a year. The Dutch food and product safety board, the NVWA, told the newspaper it was unclear whether contaminated eggs had been sold to customers over that period. “We have no way of checking because the eggs have been eaten,” a spokesman said.
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