Intermediate elections in the USA: winners and losers

At the elections day the Administration of the President of the USA was pretty optimistic regarding the elections results. This has been mentioned by the White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest. Also he confirmed that Barack Obama will not abandon his programs, including legalization of migrants. Also Joe Biden, the Vice President, was completely sure that the democrats will take the majority in the new Senate. Intermediate elections in the USA: winners and losersDuring the intermediate elections that traditionally are hold in the middle of a presidential term, 435 deputies of the House of Representatives, 36 governors and 26 senators were elected. However, it is easy to notice that optimism of democrats is not justified. Inquiries pulled down the rating of the Republican Party and as it used to happen before, democrats were disappointed after the elections in 2012 when suggesting that they received the greatest political advantage.Expectations of analytics, who decided beforehand on great defeat of the democrats of Barack Obama due to the rating of 40 % and decreasing number of people satisfied with his politics, got confirmed. Even his companions did not wish to engage the Head of the White House into the pre-elections campaign.Intermediate elections in the USA: winners and losersPreliminary results of intermediate elections show that Republicans would obtain majority in both chambers of the US Congress – they received 52 out of 100 seats in the Senate. They can also increase their majority in the lower chamber of the Congress and obtain 242 out of 435 seats. It cannot be excluded that the number of the deputies-Republicans in the House of Representatives would be the largest since the World War ??. Now opposition has control over both chambers of American parliament. Thus, Mitch McConnell most probably will become a leader of the majority: “It is not about me or my rival, it is about government to whom people no longer trust to accomplish even the most necessary tasks: own safety, border security, deserved and quality help to the veterans. Government was no longer able to accomplish these basic tasks”. Democrats were not only defeated, they lost seats in the Senates of Iowa and Colorado. Governor campaigns were lost in Florida and Wisconsin and the seats of governors were lost in the known as historically Democrats’ states of Illinois, Maryland, Man and Massachusetts. In their turn, Republicans firmly defended the most important states - Ohio and Florida. In particular, these states have enormous influence on the results of presidential campaign.Крис Кристи - триумфатор выборовAnd what is more, Republicans retain chances to win in three more states where counting of votes is ongoing. In Louisiana, where none of the candidates reached more than 50 percent, additional election will be held in December. There a Republican candidate is believed to have a good chance of success.Thus, preliminary results of elections make Chris Christie, the Head of the Association of Republican governors, one of the main winners. Now he can make a statement that not only he personally won the elections, but he also brought many other Republicans to power. Absolutely, it will be a substantial reasoning for Republicans during presidential elections of 2016. According to many experts, the only winner candidate at these elections became Hillary Clinton. Many of her direct rivals in the democratic primaries failed and no longer represent serious threat for her. Accordingly, there is a high probability that in 2016 Americans will be electing out of two representatives of the presidential dynasties of Clinton and Bush.Intermediate elections in the USA: winners and losersIt should be noted that the new composition of the Senate increases chances for the military support for Ukraine.
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