Kremlin actively funds European right-wing partys

First Czech-Russian Bank extend a loan of 9 million euros to the French right-wing party The Front National (Front national), whose leader Marine Le Pen is a known as a great supporter of the Kremlin's policy.Writes French Le Monde.Marine Le Pen has confirmed this information. The agreement with the First Czech-Russian Bank, a financial institution established in the Czech Republic in 1996 was signed in September. The bank's head office is located in Moscow now. Le Pen made it clear that the agreement on loan extension can be signed with other foreign banks. According to her, the conduct of the upcoming elections requires 30 million. The party gets 5 million euros grant annually. The party has no real estate nowadays, it is forced to seek loans in French or foreign banks.Марин Ле ПенThe Front National was looking for loans in Spain, Italy, United States, Asia and Russia. The first loan was signed, “we are very happy,” explained Marine Le Pen, insisting on the legal nature of the transaction. The thing is, that French banks refused to lend money to the far-right party, for this is the reason why, the FN was forced to turn to foreign banks.Does this loan have a political component? Le Pen has called this question offensive. Meanwhile Moscow has no doubt that the loan could not be granted without the approval of the Kremlin.“It's true, the United Russia maintain relations with FN and the party Union for a Popular Movement for some time. But the FN is not a fraternal party. ... In addition, Marine Le Pen is not yet in power,” said an expert on Russia, close to the FN.[img]*[/img]Intermediary between the party of Madame Le Pen and FCRB became MEP Jean-Luc Shafhauzer. He advises Marine Le Pen on economic issues over the years. He is also one of the leaders of the European Academy, a kind of fund, which aims to rapprochement with Russia.German media write about Putin's goal to expand its influence on the politics of the EU.Strategy of influence expanding has developed Moscow experts from “Center for Strategic Research”, the name of the strategy document is “Putin - a new world conservative leader.”Writes Bild citing its own sources in the Kremlin.Putin's most important partner in Germany will apparently become party  Alternative for Germany. The central place in Putin's strategy is allocated to gold trade, which is a source of funds for AfG.Акция партии Альтернатива для Германии“The Kremlin, for example, could buy gold through Alternative for Germany or give the party an opportunity to get it on favorable terms,” think experts involved in the analysis of these plans.In addition, banks close to the security services, “could provide loans to AfG”, as to the Front National.Also, it is worth recalling that a secret meeting with the heads of Putin's associates from right-wing European parties of Bulgaria, Austria and France was held in May.
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