Climate Change Might Cause Severe Turbulence When Flying

Climate Change Might Cause Severe Turbulence When FlyingScientists argue that climate change might affect flying, causing severe turbulence in the future. Based on new research from the University of Reading, when traveling by plane, turbulence may become even three times more common than they are now.

Scientists claim that the average amount of light turbulence was estimated to increase by 59%. Meanwhile, moderate turbulence will rise to 94%, and severe one will increase to 149%. Experts claim that the reason could be that higher levels of carbon dioxide might generate stronger vertical wind shears which will occur at aircraft flying altitudes.

Thus, the shear instabilities which trigger clear-air turbulence would be more prevalent. Environmentalists claim that the carbon dioxide levels are estimated to double by the end of this century. Dr. Paul Williams, the author of the study, argued that light turbulence might be perceived by most passengers as an inconvenience which triggers a decrease in their comfort levels. Nevertheless, for those who fly for the first time or who are usually nervous fliers, this mild turbulence might scare them more than it should.

Apparently, the study indicates that even those who travel a lot by plane and are used to turbulence might become alarmed when thinking that there could be a 149% rise in severe turbulence. This type of turbulence is the reason why flight attendants and travelers around the world are involved in all sorts of accidents and need immediate medical care, being hospitalized. Dr. Williams stated that now the primary goal is to analyze alternate flight routes.

He also pointed out that to provide accurate information, he and his team need to take a look at the changes which come together with the seasons and the altitude. Researchers need to examine different global warming scenarios and climate models to chart the insecurities. Apparently, Dr. Williams is not te only one who tries to annihilate the problem. IBM purchased The Weather Company, and it developed a partnership with Gogo Inc. to inform pilots about the potential turbulence for them to alter their flight paths.
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