Scientists found underground tunnels on the Moon

Recently published research of Jay Melosh and his colleagues from Purdue University suggests availability of largest lava canals located under the surface of the natural satellite of our planet, the Moon. Researchers consider that even such canals are really there on the Moon then in the future they could be used as an asylum for the future Moon space missions.Scientists found underground tunnels on the MoonAdapted by the astronauts and cosmonauts underground canals can protect people from being influenced by the extreme space temperatures, radiation and potential fall of the meteorites.In the published work the specialist from Purdue University and his colleagues try to explain that volcanic activity on the satellite of Earth and the lava burst out of the Moon surface the borders of the emerged lava canals got frozen soon and made a sturdy crust. When eruptions stopped, emerged lava crust remained on the spot and formed special tunnels. And one should have in mind that intensity and eruptions volume were different, thus tunnels were formed in various shapes and sizes.Scientists mark that emerging of the lava canals or tunnels as they are called also exists on Earth. Jay Melosh and his colleagues consider that as Moon gravity is quite low than on Earth, in the underground of the satellite quite large canals could emerge.‘Gravitation on the Moon is much low and the Moon layer cannot be exposed to similar to Earth impacts of the weather conditions and erosions.’ In the theory large lava canals are big enough to host there full cities and they really could exist in the underground of our natural satellite,’ – says scientist David Blair.Scientists found underground tunnels on the MoonSpecialists backing up this research explain it by obtained after the long-term work evidence that on the ground of Moon they found a few long and quite deep canals. The width of some canals reaches 10 kilometres.Unusual geological structures on the Moon called the sinuous furrows can be the evidence of Lava Rivers on the satellite that afterwards changed the landscape and led to the peculiar formations.
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