Ukrainian driving license will be supplemented with two more categories

In the driving license of a new European pattern will be excluded some old categories, while the new will be added. In particular, in a new driving license that will be issued in Ukraine since 2017, there will be two new categories: AM and A2.Category AM will give a right to drive two-wheel and three-wheel vehicles with maximal speed not more than 45 kilometers per hour. While category A2 will allow driving motorbikes with the power not more than 35 kilowatt (48 HP), while the ratio between power and weight should not exceed 0.2 kilowatt (0.27 HP) per 1 kilogram. At the same time in the driving license of a European pattern the category T that allows driving trams and trolley-buses in Ukraine will be excluded. Except for this, since 2017 maximal age of getting driving license for some vehicle categories will be changed. In particular, it will be more difficult to receive driving license of the category A; currently this category of driving license can be given to the persons having age 16 years old, while in two years it will be possible only since the age of 20. Similar situation is with the trucks of category C; now license are given to the persons since 18 years old, it will be changed for 21 years old; for the trucks with exploiting trailers SE the age threshold is 19 years old and it will become 21 years old; for the buses and vehicles with trailers (of category D and DE) the age threshold currently is 21 years old, and it will become 24 years old. Age threshold will be decreased for the persons driving passenger and light truck with trailers (category BE and C1E) – now this category of license can be given at 19 years old, while since 2017 it will be possible since 18 years old.It should be reminded that launching driving license of a European pattern is prescribed by the implementation plan of the Directive 2006/128/EU of the European Parliament and the Council from 20 December 2006 on driving license that was approved by the disposal of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine # 114 dated 18 February 2015. New driving license will differ from the current one by a shorter duration term.
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