Netropolitan - new social networking site for the creme de lac creme of the society

There is a new social network Netropolitan on the Internet. The creator has positioned it as a club for people who have more money than time. Membership costs 9000$ where$ 6,000 initiation fee, plus a $ 3,000 annual fee.There was the fake news across the network a week ago that Facebook gets paid. It was exploded so social net fans breathed a sigh of relief, but all the noise made many people to think again about great possibilities of paid social networks (at least at the level of the cost of a cup of coffee per month). At least this means no advertising. Furthermore, from a certain amount (at the level of two or three beers per month) we can expect a radical reduction of spam, trolling and paid journalism, because many people just can not afford the rotation of bots and fake accounts. Further fees growth affects significantly the signal / noise ratio, as most of the fans of guff are going to be embossed to the free analogues (where degradation of the content will come to the finish line). Naturally, with such a business model there will be no particular interest to sell personal data to fraudsters and advertisers. Netropolitan - new social networking site for the creme de lac creme of the societyHowever, considering about paid social networks experts have been always keeping in mind a reasonable price ceiling, which allows to maintain at least some large-scale participation. Price rates of Netropolitan social network had never come to somebody’s mind. As we can see - this idea has been already implemented. Really, for that sum of money you can make a social network to become a piece of goods. Social network where is no "them" - a well-tried marketing trap that has always worked and will always work with rich.The creator Netropolitan faces a difficult task now: to gather initial user base, because few people want to pay for an account in a blank social net, but if this step is passed - Netropolitan can almost guarantee a level of quality that Facebook users have never dreamed of. Naturally, there will be no advertising on Netropolitan. There will be a hard, diligent live people moderation, always ready to respond and resolve the issue. No automation while registration. Rigid rules (English-language communication, 21+, no anonymity, no corporate accounts, and so on). Unlimited cloud storage. There is no need to talk about security, privacy and other stuff, because the Netropolitan gather people whom it is better not to meet in court due to the leakage of intimate photos. For 3000 $ from the user (9000 USD from a new one)it is even possible to hire excellent tech support specialists, system administrators, programmers, designers, and even detectives if necessary. By the way, while Netropolitan has no users yet but its design is already adapted to the mobile browser. Creators avoid mobile applications of Netropolitan now. It is said to be because of security reasons, but ... At least accessible from any device is promoted as one of the key advantages.It is difficult to say how this initiative with Netropolitan is going to evolve. It may be the elite business or maybe just a funny bubble. The thing we can not deny - Netropolitan will not be unperceived because theoretically account in paid social network can be a means of verifying the status as a smartphone Vertu used to be.
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