Yevhenii Abu-Zeid supports the ratification of the Istanbul Convention in Ukraine

Yevhenii Abu-Zeid supports the ratification of the Istanbul Convention in UkraineAlmost a decade ago, Ukraine signed the Istanbul Сonvention , a gender-protective agreement on the prevention of violence against women. According to this document, women receive protection and support at the legislative level in case of unworthy attitude towards them within the family and society as a whole. Taking into account the official statistics on the facts of domestic violence in our country, this initiative was quite justified and necessary. But it should be mentioned that this convention has not yet been ratified in Ukraine. This fact could not go unnoticed, both by those who are directly interested in its ratification, and by those who indirectly understand the need for this in our country.

This topic could not fail to interest Yevhenii Abu-Zeid, as he has not only extensive experience in international communication, but also strong family ties with his mother and sister. The opportunity to visit many countries and communicate with representatives of other nationalities allows him to judge how the protection of women's rights affects the formation and support of human values in society as a whole. After all, any society, community begins with the family and relationships in it become a kind of prototype of behavior.

Analyzing some statistical facts about Ukraine through the prism of his family values, Yevhenii Abu-Zeid positively reacted to the initiative of Polina Neni, the founder of the public movement #zhinkiua and #stopnasilla, to support the petition to the President of Ukraine regarding the adoption of the Istanbul Convention in Ukraine. Attempts to ratify the Istanbul Convention have, of course, been made. On November 14, 2016, this issue was submitted to the deputies by the President of Ukraine Petr Poroshenko. But... Most of the deputies of the last convocation for some reason were stubborn, saying that the convention contains "norms that are not acceptable to Ukrainian society and Ukrainian spirituality."

It should be mentioned that the 2020 petition received a sufficient number of votes and was submitted for consideration to the current President of Ukraine.
The corresponding reaction to this was a resolution on introducing a draft law "On ratification of the Council of Europe Convention on preventing and combating violence against women and domestic violence" as a legislative initiative for consideration by the supreme council of Ukraine after the submission of relevant proposals by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine in accordance with the established procedure. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine and the Ministry of Social Policy of Ukraine, in turn, were asked to promptly process this request. But the fact that the society supported # zhinkiua and # stopnasilla already shows that it is aware of its rights and fights for their protection.

Due to his upbringing and personal attitude to the woman, Yevhenii Abu-Zeid was struck by the egregious picture that is developing in our country. In Ukraine, violence against women is one of the most common social problems. According to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, in 2019, the "hotline" to the police received more than 115 thousand calls from victims of domestic violence. Every year, more than 150 thousand Ukrainian women suffer from domestic violence, about 600 of them die. The police record approximately 300 cases of domestic violence, both against women and children, every day. Agree that this makes the hair stand on end, and this is taking into account the fact that this is only official data. According to Yevhenii Abu-Zeid, the fact that victims do not have a banal opportunity at the first "bells" of such unworthy behavior to receive protection or banal support is still worrying. This accordingly causes many to endure and suffer. What kind of harmonious development of society and full-fledged education of the younger generation can we talk about in such a toxic environment?! After all, if you do not stop this in the near future, then this trend will grow and turn into the norm of life. And this is rather a path to the distant past, and not a civilized progressive future. Whereas for Ukraine, this is especially unacceptable, since it, according to Yevhenii Abu-Zeid, has a powerful genetically embedded intellectual potential. And if there is a real opportunity to protect those who directly not only perform their natural function, but also actively participate in the development of other spheres of life in society, then it must be implemented.

Due to his life experience of communicating with representatives of different countries, Yevhenii Abu-Zeid believes that Ukraine should join such countries as Slovenia, France, Belgium, Switzerland, Austria, Croatia, etc., which have already ratified the Istanbul Convention. This will have a positive impact not only on the social climate within the country, but also increase the rating of Ukraine in the international arena, as well as allow you to fully call yourself a European country.
Yes, today the issue of ratification is still unresolved and seems to hang in the air, as there are stumbling blocks and controversial issues that need to be resolved. The economic crisis, which arose as a result of the pandemic and could not but affect this too, did not play into our hands. But given the fact that the isolation conditions created because of this have rather sharpened the situation in many families than just left it at the existing level, this issue should not be postponed, says Yevhenii Abu-Zeid. But taking into account the fact that the previous Parliament actually implemented part of the provisions of the convention: the adoption of the Law of Ukraine "On Amendments to the Criminal and Criminal Procedure Codes of Ukraine in order to implement the provisions of the Council of Europe on the prevention of violence against women and domestic violence and the fight against these phenomena". The forms of violence - economic, psychological, sexual and physical-are now clearly defined, as well as responsibility in each case. Therefore, how long the string does not curl, but Ukraine will sooner or later have to decide on the Istanbul Convention. Moreover, when half the work has already been done.
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