Ukrainians are not good aware of protection modes of credit cards - research

Recently there was a press-conference in Kiev dedicated to latest tendencies of payment fraud. One of the report had the results of complex sociology research about “Fraud and literacy in payment instrument using sphere: Ukrainian’s user view”. It was held be GfK Ukraine by order of Ukrainian Interbank Payment Systems Member Association EMA.There were 653 interviews with Ukrainians during the research held from January to April 2014. All the participants were more that 16 years old and all of them had a bank card.The results showed rather height level of citizens’ awareness about frauds with credit cards. Almost 90 % of surveyed stated that that knew about it. Nearly 15 % admitted that they, their relatives or friends faced that problem. Only 3% were victims of a fraud because of theft or loss of a card, using ATM with viruses or phishing. In the USA the number of victims of card fraud is 42%.Despite the fact that users of cards know about possible danger they do not know the instruments of protection of their payment instruments.People who were polled could have named without any hint such methods of protection:- to keep PIN-code secure (52 % of card owners know this rule);- do not give a card to strangers (22 %)- do not write a Pin on a card and do not keep it close to it (14 %);- to join SMS-notice service (13%);- do not spread card details (11 %)-to cover the keyboard with a hand while entering the code (9%);- to block the card in a case of loss (7 %).The measures of protection like changing a code or ATM examination to see if there are some suspicious devices, fixing a limit for drawing the money were named by less than 5 % of people.According to answers the most dangerous for bank cards are:- purchasing through internet (51 %);- using a card to pay in restaurants and cafes (38 %);- Online Banking (33%);- shops check desks (31 %);- self-service terminals (27 %).The safest way of using a card is still said to be an ATM. 75 % of respondents underlined that it is absolutely safe to draw money from ATM.Nevertheless, according to statistics the number of ATM frauds is much higher than any other fraud with bank cards. Bank stuff advice their users to be more careful, be more attentive while drawing money, to inform in case of any problems with getting money immediately.
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