What European country can give you a residence permit in case of buying a real estate?

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine had finally realistically announced that it would be possible to establish visa free regime with EU countries not until May 2015 because new biometric passports will be given away only since 1 January 2015. According to vice minister of foreign affairs Lana Zerkal there is possibility of shortage of biometric passports as there are financial limitations on their issue. The functionality of visa free regime with EU needs fitting up the border crossing points that also requires additional time.Free movement across the Europe is possible not only with visa but also with the help of residence permit. It doesn’t mean that you definitely have to move to this country. For many people it is just accompanying procedure of spreading their business abroad? For some – an attribute of spending holidays in favorite country. Real estate investment gives some pleasing bonus in some countries - residence permit. Let’s make it clear where and what you need to get RP.One of the most popular destinations for residence buying and getting the right to obtain a residence permit next is Latvia. You need to buy a real estate for approximately 143 thousands euros in big cities and more than 73 thousands for smaller ones. At the same time you needn’t neglect the services of independent valuers otherwise the state can assess the cadastral value of property which might be is far lower than real.There is no need of buying property in France. The only thing you need is a long lease. You will get a long term visa (for 1 year) and afterwards you will be granted a residence permit. Nevertheless you still need confirm your financial status (minimum 1300 of month income a month per person) and clean record. Moreover, you have to live in a country more than 180 days per year.Austria also give both possibilities: buying and long leasing. You need to have a confirmation of open Austrian or Swiss bank account with not less than 85 thousands euros for adult and 45 thousands for child on it, insurance and at least A2 German language certificate.Any bought real estate in Portugal gives a right of free cross of the border, but the owner can’t stay in a country more than half a year. The only bargains taken into account here are the ones which crosses 500 thousands euros (they can be summed up). On the other hand a foreigner can sell the property only after 5 years.It is possible to buy the property of the same value in Spain and get a two years residence permit without right to employment. The payment has to be processed only through money transfer from foreign bank (credits in Spanish banks are not taken into account).Greek government permits to purchase real estate only for 250 thousands euros. According to legislation not only the owner can apply for residence permit but also members of his family for the same period. 
What European country can give you a residence permit in case of buying a real estate?
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