Donald Trump 'ready to bomb North Korea' after sweeping to US Election victory

Donald Trump 'ready to bomb North Korea' after sweeping to US Election victorySpeculation is rife that one of his first acts as President of the United States is to attack the hostile state.

Relations between the US and North Korea are historically terrible, with the country's supreme leader Kim Jong-un openly confirming he despises America.

In 2014, North Korea's state run media arm, KCNA, even described President Barack Obama as a "wicked black monkey" in a vile racist rant.

It also said the U.S. is a "completely failed regime" that is destined to be "buried".

And it looks as though things may only get worse between the two countries following the election of Donald Trump as President.

Back in 2000 – when Trump first ran for President for the Reform Party – he wrote in his book The America We Deserve that the totally backs a "surgical strike" on North Korea.

This type of attack would have been used to destroy the country's nuclear weapons and missiles.

He wrote: "What would I do in North Korea? Fair question. It's easy to point out the problem, but what should be done to solve it?

"Am I ready to bomb this reactor? You're damned right."

And during his 2016 campaign for president he repeated that he would support actions to obliterate North Korea and Kim Jong-un, who he described as a "madman playing around with the nukes".

He went on: "I would get China to make that guy disappear, in one form or another, very quickly".

Since Trump was confirmed as the next US President, internet users have been reprinting these alarming words, saying they are proof Trump will attack North Korea.

Earlier this year, nuclear officers in the US signed a letter stating Trump could be too easily baited into nuking a country.

They wrote: "He has shown himself time and again to be easily baited and quick to lash out, dismissive of expert consultation and ill-informed of even basic military and international affairs — including, most especially, nuclear weapons."
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