What is a "sleepy intoxication": symptoms, causes and where is dangerous

What is a "sleepy intoxication": symptoms, causes and where is dangerousPoor health after waking in the morning? You can be bad in the morning, and you do not understand what's going on? We will explain what the "sleepy intoxication".

What is a "sleepy intoxication"?

Do you wake up once from a deep sleep in an absolutely a confused state? You do not remember what happened after you wake up and you can not orient in space? Perhaps you sleepy intoxication.

Sleepy intoxication occurs every 7th person. Recognize it can be through the misty and inappropriate behavior. This happens when a person does not remember what happens after you wake up. Experts explain such a state of intoxication after sleep, when you do not remember where you are and what you're doing.

Unusual sleepy state: sleep disorder
Sleepy intoxication is not the same thing, that confusion or drowsiness after waking up. When sleepy drunken man is not aware of their actions and deeds.

Sleepy intoxication or constant sleepiness: Causes

· Sleepy intoxication susceptible people who suffer from depression, alcoholism, panic and post-traumatic stress, sleep apnea.
· Excess of sleep or lack of sleep can also cause sleep drunkenness.
· Overtime, heavy mental work overload at work, exhaustion, both physical and emotional.
· Mental condition. Depression, anxiety, stress, apathy.
· Medical disorders: diabetes, decreased thyroid function.
· Medications: sedatives, antihistamines, sleeping pills.

Constant sleepiness: Symptoms
· Loss of appetite
· Memory Problems
· Irritability / anxiety
· Disorientation in space

If you suspect a sleepy intoxication, consult a doctor.
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