Complex treatment for hair beauty: professional advice

Beautiful hair is one of the most important factors that contribute to the beauty of a lady. It helps to express your character, charm, attractiveness and elegance. However, if your hair looses shine and volume, and dandruff covers your shoulders, the image is completely spoiled. Provided below are some useful hair care tips from Abigale professional hair care online shop. Tips to maintain beautiful hairYour hair consists of 70-80% of protein – keratin. For normal and healthy hair growth you need to fill it with amino acids that build up this protein. The lack of protein causes hair loss. Approximately 15% of hair is water that is why the water-intake pattern is also important, as well as microelements, for example, zinc and silicon, vitamins, especially B-group. Moreover, they do not accumulate in your body, therefore a constant supply is necessary. B-vitamins are destroyed by alcohol, sugars, nicotine, caffeine and some drugs. Good sleep is also important, because your hair grows when you sleep.Hair is not one of the life-supporting body organs therefore it is supplied from “leftovers”. When you do on a diet, think of your hair. Your body will give the energy to your heart, liver, and lungs… There is nothing left for your hair. Everything that is unhealthy is bad for your hair: stress, bad ecology, lack of sleep, dry air, medication etc. Also your hair doesn’t like concentrated shampoos, hairdryers and straighteners, coloring and so on. The follicles are responsible for your hair nutrition, receiving it through the blood circulation. That’s why your hair treatment should be complex: take care of it on the outside and on the inside. Only 200 000 follicles are active, while twice number is “sleeping”. This is your “reserve”. Activating it you can get an amazing hair volume.Tips for oily hairThe scalp has a tendency to secrete excess oil, which makes it lank and greasy. Sometimes it causes dandruff as well. The reason is wrong treatement. Many women face the problem of oily hair. The excessive secretion of oil is caused by:- the regular use of hairdryer (hot air activates oil secretion),- wrong shampoos and cosmetics,- dense and frequent brushing,- constantly wearing a hat can also be a reason, because it block the air circulation and your skin doesn’t breath,- washing your hair with too hot water activates oil secretion (the water temperature should be close to body temperature)The line of specialized cosmetic products has treatments designed specifically for this type of hair and is gentle enough to be used on a regular basis: conditioners, shampoos and masks. We suggest LAKME K.THERAPY PURIFYING Balancing Shampoo for oily hair. It contains zinc and amino acids regulation the oil secretion. Bamboo and Bardana extracts have astringent properties and provides lightness and volume. Water from glacier containing minerals softens and protects the skin. Thanks to its gentle cleansing action it can be used every day. Another less expensive variant is LONDA Purifying, a cleansing shampoo for oily hair. Next one is LAKME K.THERAPY PURIFYING Matt Mask – a mask for oily skin. Regulates the scalp’s sebaceous secretions. Provides matt effect and deep cleansing. Contains natural clay, a complex of sulphur amino acids and zinc. The mask is ideal treatment of oily hair. Erayba Zen Active Balance Z18b Balancing Lotion is ampoules for hair treatment. Contains cucumber extract and SEBARYL complex. Regulates the sebaceous gland and optimal skin balance.Tips against dandruffHow to choose the right anti-dandruff shampoo?All anti-dandruff shampoos can be divided into 2 groups:1) Shampoos neutralizing fungus;2) Shampoos cleaning scalp and removing flakiness;The second group is widely presented in every store. The first group shampoos contain zinc, selenium sulfide, ciclopirox olamine, ketoconazole, i. e. ingredients with strong antibacterial and anti-fungus properties. These are so-called professional, medical shampoos. The best would be to consult dermatologist or professional cosmetologist to choose the most suitable brand. We suggest you to look at Lakme, Angel, Achosline and Kaaral. There are different types of dandruff. Knowing which one is your “enemy” you will choose the proper treatment.Consider the following factors:Dandruff cannot be cured in one day. You have to use specialized shampoos for months. It is not recommended to use concentrated healing shampoos every day. If you wash you hair every day, you need to alternate specialized shampoos with more gentle ones. However, in this case you may lower the impact of specialized shampoo. If you have dandruff, try to avoid using hairdryer. It can bring all the treatment to no result. 
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