8.5% of Ukrainians are ill with hepatitis C - research

8.5% of Ukrainians are ill with hepatitis C - research8.5% of Ukrainian patients with hepatitis C - this is the result of national rapid testing, which was conducted in all regions of Ukraine on the occasion of International Day of fight against viral hepatitis.

Only 26 cities in all regions of Ukraine (except occupied territories) tested 3844 person in 324 cases (8.5%) showed a rapid test for antibodies to hepatitis C.

"This figure is quite high, which correlates actually confirms our previous national tests. This demonstrates the high level of threat and the spread of infection, evidence of an epidemic ", - says Director of Policy and Public Health Alliance partnership Pavlo Skala.

One reason for the spread of disease study authors called the lack of public funding. Thus, in 2016 completed the current government social program of prevention, diagnosis and treatment of viral hepatitis.

"Just yesterday we received a reply from the Ministry of Health that the national program to combat hepatitis underfunded by 79%. The situation is a stalemate, because the development of new programs actually frozen. In this situation, the Alliance has made an appeal to the President to initiate the development of a national plan for the elimination of hepatitis C, "- said the executive director of the Alliance of Public Health Andrew Klepikov.

According to the World Health Organization, hepatitis C - a disease of the liver caused by a virus of hepatitis C. This virus can cause both acute and chronic infection that varies in severity from mild illness that lasts a few weeks to a serious lifelong disease.

Hepatitis C is transmitted through blood, and the most common route of infection is unsafe injection practices; improper sterilization of medical equipment and transfusions untested blood and blood products.

Worldwide, chronic infection of hepatitis C sufferers 130-150 million. In a significant number of people with chronic infection may develop cirrhosis or liver cancer.

According to WHO, using antiviral drugs can cure about 90% of people with hepatitis C. Currently, vaccines for hepatitis C does not exist.
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