10 tips how to “light up” your brain

To wake up in a cold morning and get out of your comfy bed is already a heroic thing. But there are more challenges to come over during the day. Let’s say, how do we make our brain to work more efficient and productive? Here are the 10 popular advices on how to train your brain.1. ExercisePhysical exercises not only make your muscles fit, but increase your intellectual abilities, due to the better blood circulation through your muscles and brain. Especially helpful are yoga positions when your head is placed lower than the level of your heart.2. Drink water, not coffeeMany researches indicate that a cup of coffee in the morning does not help you to wake up, but instead makes you slower. Replace it with a glass of water, it will boost your activity. A glass of water on an empty stomach activates the digestion and does not cause irritation, as opposed to hot coffee.3. Scents help to concentrateMost of the people do not have the best ability to distinguish odors. Though they help to concentrate and give the feeling of wakefulness. Aroma specialists advice to use scents of basilica, rosemary, mint, thyme and lavender in situations when you need the highest level of concentration.4. Be optimisticIt’s not a surprise that in a good ambiance any kind of work, especially brainwork, is much easier. Nevertheless, a no-stress environment is very rare in our life. Still, if you manage to concentrate on positive things, the productivity of your work will increase.5. Brain-teasersVarious puzzles, crosswords, word games are helpful to train your brain and, sometimes, may even help to restore mental abilities damaged by disease.6. Watch TV “mindfully”There is a widespread belief that watching television makes you dumb. Nonetheless, if you don’t watch everything there is and for too long, but instead “cherry picking”, you will definitely find useful things.7. Browse Internet for informationThere are many researches supporting the idea that the process of information search through Internet “loads” your brain better than simple reading. So go ahead, and don’t forget to make right inquiries.8. Healthy foodThe shortest way to clear mind and good memory is a well-known healthy eating composed of vegetables and fruits. Of course, you can treat yourself with desserts. Your brain requires glucose, but don’t let it turn into addiction.9. HerbsHerbs are widely used in all kinds of medical treatment. Ginseng stimulates cognitive abilities and increases stress resistance.10.  Don’t stop learningEven if the most talented and intelligent brain stops exercising, it will dumb down. That’s why it is good to engage in new activities, such as learning languages, drawing, cooking etc. 15 minutes of learning a day will stimulate your brain better than any medication. 
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