Top-5 management positions that can emerge in 2015

Often one can notice unfamiliar positions in the articles and news over the companies, in particular from the industrial sector.  In 2015 ‘unusual’ managerial positions can emerge in Ukraine, especially for those who showed competence during the last year in the western companies.Top-5 management positions that can emerge in 2015It should be reminded that on the top of company’s hierarchy is either a president or a director. Vice-presidents responsible for marketing, finance, production or other areas are subordinated to the president. Companies with directors are formed the same, but they do not use the derogatory prefixes, having added to the position additional noun: Chief Executive officer (CEO), Chief Operating Officer (COO) who is responsible for the current operations and Chief Financial Officer (CFO). Such lexically hybrid structures can pertain to directors and presidents as well. Mostly in the elaborate names there is no difficulty, they just indicate the florid structure of current economy. Chief Digital Officer (CDO) is a specialist of the ‘smart’ economy.Wired, TechCrunch, Forbes wrote about this position. The word ‘digital’ here indicates not only information technologies, but the set up of the new smart economy, conditions of producers and consumers and their thinking and expectations.Having used the minds of an engineer and a marketer at the same time, CDO represents different sections of business, sees the product as a result and the one whole; and as a starting point defines the strategy of a company in the digital environment. As long as the most of starts up primarily work in a new economy (for example, on mobile platforms or internet selling of items), CDO actually decides their destiny. However, the rest of companies would need this officer as well: according to the forecasts of Gartner, in 2015 CDO will work in 25 % of enterprises.Chief Listening Officer (CLO) is an opposite of Social Media Manager (or SMM).It was the time when business used social networks and other new media as a promotion mean, but with the time they acquired another function. Every day people leave millions of messages about everything, including companies. This data could be collected, handled and handed over to the marketing and R&D departments. This is how Chief Listening Officer position emerged, practically the opposite of SMM. CLO is responsible for the feedback, but he only makes analysis attempting to understand the consumer and improve a product. A few years ago this position was considered odd, but now in the LinkedIn there are hundreds of ‘listeners’.Chief Data Officer (CDO) is an expert on the ‘large’ data.Nowadays the total amount of information on Earth is measured in zettabytes, i.e. in the digits exceeding a terabyte nine times. Companies depend largely not on their own, but also external information; thus, they hire specialists to sort it out.  CDO are responsible for analysis and interpretation, they find new patterns and based on them offer new products and services; seek for missing information and sell their own information; organize and protect the information. First CDO appeared in 2000s, but only recently – especially after the fuss around large information issue – their number started growing. For instance, Ford hired CDO on 15 December 2014. Amount of information will only increase; therefore, other companies will follow the example of the car producer.Chief Revenue Officer (CRO) is accountable for revenues.Increase of revenues and profits is a main goal of every business. Position of Chief Revenue Officer appeared when receiving revenue started to be considered a process just like design and production, not as a result of other processes. If the financial director is responsible for the budget, the CRO takes care of the directions for maintaining profits, namely marketing and sales. CRO brings these departments together with himself and the Head of a company; he is the one of those who formulates the strategy and the tasks, looks for the markets, considers positioning and costs and observes the competitors. The term CRO was created more than ten years ago, but only in the last years companies started to appreciate the added value of this position in the correct organizational structure. Chief Design Officer (CDO) is a top-manager on design. Designers as well as digital directors are referred to the senior management level because their area ceased to be additional. Competition grows and consumers most of the time are demanding, but still choose with eyes and prefer the comfort. Therefore, the companies need a good design for the packages, services and websites. Sometimes CDO is responsible not only for design. For instance, PepsiCo, one of the first corporations with similar position, has invited Mauro Porcini in 2012 in order to bring a special culture and mindset to the organization; and make the employees to be able to innovate. As long as from year to year design is given more attention, most probably the CDO position will appear in all the biggest companies.
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