Haitou Global Participates in the Columbia China Forum

NEW YORK, May 10, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- At the invitation of Greater China Society of Columbia University Business School and Columbia University Chinese Students and Scholars Association, Jerry Wang, Founder and CEO of Haitou Global, recently participated in the 202214th Annual Columbia China Business Conference and 2022 Columbia China Prospects Conference, respectively. The forum events held by Greater China Society of Columbia University Business School and Columbia University Chinese Students and Scholars Association both focused on the reshaping and development of domestic and international capital markets.At the Columbia China Business Conference, Jerry Wang, as the moderator of the Capital Market Sub-forum, together with three other guests, discussed what breakthroughs and changes the capital market will witness in 2022 against the following impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Fed's interest rate hike, China's central bank's interest rate cut, the rotation of hot industry styles. At the same time, Jerry also shared his unique insights and thoughts on looking ahead to the new normal of the capital market and exploring new opportunities and the development direction of China's primary market.At the 2022 Columbia China Prospects Conference organized by CUCSSA, Jerry participated in the Finance and Investment panel, sharing his analysis of the current economic situation in China and international capital market and venture capital opportunities, as well as providing advice on employment, entrepreneurship and investment for the students in the forum.Speaking about the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the industry he has been working in over the past two years, Jerry said that for the investment industry, the pandemic has undoubtedly brought a lot of opportunities and challenges. For him, Haitou Global mainly focuses on emerging markets, so before the outbreak he would usually travel to Africa or other regions two to three times a year to conduct market research and other work. But after the outbreak, he hasn't traveled for a long time and had to rely on local networks and online meetings for communication most of the time. Jerry advised everyone to make the worst possible plans in the post-pandemic era, but still have the most idealistic hopes, stay calm when anything unexpected happens, and just focus on doing the right thing at hand.During the conference, a student asked questions about the new digital RMB launched by the Chinese Central Bank, such as the development opportunities of the digital RMB and the relationship between the digital RMB and cryptocurrencies. He said that the biggest difference between digital RMB and Bitcoin is that digital RMB is "centralized" and is a "digital" transformation of traditional currency. At the same time, the U.S. is also figuring out whether to launch a centrally managed digital dollar. There are many benefits to the digital RMB, such as greater efficiency and easier tracking and control of capital flows, but there are some voices in the community who believe that digital currency is not very helpful in improving the lives of individuals.
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