Pet-Obsessed Humans anda??More Affectionate Dogs and Cats: New Report Looks at Pandemic Pet Ownership Two Years In

VANCOUVER, Wash., Dec. 8, 2021 /PRNewswire/ --A If you'd rather cuddle up at home with your pet instead of venturing out into the world, you're not alone. A new Banfield Pet Hospital survey of 1,000 people who got a dog or cat in the past two years founda??76% say they prefer spending time with their pet over their partner, friends, or family, nearly 1 in 2 a??includinga??49% of mena??anda??47% of womenA a?? admit they focused less on their dating life to spend time at home with their dog or cat in 2021 , anda??1 in 3a??shortened or rescheduled their honeymoon in 2021 to spend less time away from their dog or cat.a??A 
Pet-Obsessed Humans anda??More Affectionate Dogs and Cats: New Report Looks at Pandemic Pet Ownership Two Years In
Banfielda??analyzeda??surveya??findings alongside data from the practice's proprietary pet health records database a?? the largest in the U.S. a?? to better understand how people are approaching pet ownership two years into the pandemic and what these shifts might mean for the future of pet care.A It's clear theA human-animal bond has only gotten stronger, with owners more attentive to their pet's health than ever before.a??95% of respondents made their pet's veterinary care a priority this year, witha??44%a??admitting their cat or dog has been to more health care visits than they have in the past 12 months.This is aA big jumpA fromA the start of the pandemic,A with aA BanfieldA survey from May 2020A findingA 20%A of owners were feeling moreA committed to taking their pets to the veterinarian for preventive care check-upsA compared toA pre-pandemic. People are also finding new ways toA get the answers about their questions and concerns:A BanfieldA facilitated 320,000 chats onA itsA telehealth service, Vet Chat, helping owners connect with a veterinarian anytime, day or night to get pet care advice and triage support from the comfort of their homes.a??a??A With people spending more quality time with their pets, owners mightA alsoA be getting better at noticing when something is off. When looking at the past two years compared to pre-pandemic, Banfield's data found aa??26%a??increase in dogsa??diagnosed with pruritis, or itchy skina??a?? showing owners are committed to getting their pets the carea??they need.a??A 
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