‘Coffee’ gold: investments to the ‘Arabica’ and ‘Robusta’ justified?

Nowadays stock exchange markets as well as standard investments instruments do not bring profit more than 2.6 %. They have got coffee as a powerful competitor. Those who invested in coffee in the beginning of the year received double profits to their bank account. High profitability is stipulated by the growing world demand on coffee, in particular ‘Arabica’.As of the beginning of the last year coffee pound was valued a bit more than one US dollar, but as of today the price of coffee pound is 2.17.Experts predict further coffee price growth in the forthcoming two years. According to the projections of analyzers, in the beginning of 2015 coffee pound price could be more than 3 US dollar. It is caused by the very dry weather in Brazil experiencing the downfall of coffee harvest. In 2012 Brazil produced 3 million tons of coffee beans, while in 2014 it can produce not more than 2.49 million tons. At the same time the demand on coffee continues to grow, increasing approximately 5 million tons annually. China becomes the main market for coffee. Growing demand is hard to meet.Investments in coffee are not secure. Vietnam actively starts cultivating sort of coffee ‘Arabica’. At the moment this country produces 90 % of ‘Robusta’ and 10 % of ‘Arabica’. As long as in Brazil drought continues and Vietnam would not be able to meet emerged demand, coffee price will be growing. In first place this demand is caused by the annual growth of coffee consumption in China that brings joy to those who made capital investments.
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