Elephant has escaped from Belarus truck and is walking in Ukrainian woods

Elephant has escaped from Belarus truck and is walking in Ukrainian woodsThe driver of Minsk transportation company, engaged in the transportation of the animals for the Hungarian circus, reported about the African elephant who has escaped from his truck and now is walking somewhere in the Ukrainian forest.

As the driver Andrei told to the site, in the evening of the 29th of March, a 15-year elephant named Marquis was put in the truck in a Hungarian town for the transportation to Belarus.

Driver was warned about the fact that Marquis used to live in the herd and it is his first experience of the transportation.

In addition, according to the driver, the elephant could have been negatively affected by the fact that he was separated from the she-elephant.

"There are disgusting roads in Ukraine, covered with permanent ruts and potholes, so I had to drive particularly carefully. I was already irritated, I was at the breaking point. It was the very first time for me to carry the elephant in my truck, without any precise prescriptions: when to feed him, how much water give to him and so on. While approaching the Ukrainian border, I heard a specific sound, I had a sensation that the elephant was trying to get out of the container. Apparently, his patience exhausted, "- said the driver.
Elephant has escaped from Belarus truck and is walking in Ukrainian woods

Going round the truck, Andrew heard the noise, and then it was like in the movie: a driver was knocked down by the shot of the door: the elephant decided to get out of his prison.

"The only thing I remember is the laid back ears and the trunk of Marquis, which he was constantly waving. I could think of nothing, except of faking a dead person after begin hit, in order not to irritate the animal even more. I was lucky to have speciafic instruction, how to behave so as not to vex the elephant. But at that particular moment all the recommendations just flew out of my head, I remembered about the only thing: be immobile, no movements, be stone still. Frankly, I was afraid that he simply would trample me "- shares his emotions the driver.

The elephant sniffed the body of Andrew and walked toward the forest.

"I сame to my senses five minutes later and did not know what to do. I decided that I had immediately go to the border and ask for help. There are the villages not far from the road, and it is well-known that an angry elephant can mess things up" - the driver goes on with his story.

A couple of kilometers from the border post, he saw the police and turned to the representative bodies. All the documents concerning the transportation of Marquise, were in English.

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"I had to explain the situation for a long time. Perhaps the fact that it happened at five o'clock in the morning, and my messy speech forced a policeman to have doubts not only about my story, but also about my sobriety, because the sergeant decided first of all to make sure that I had not drunk alcohol, "- says Andrew.

The sergeant offered to the driver to write a statement, which had to be passed within a week for being reviewed by the respective authorities.

Still, Andrew decided to go to the border zone, hoping that somebody will help him. The border guards had been listening for a long time to a long story of the nervous driver. And at first they also could not believe it, then they reported that Andrew had to write an application so that the event could be considered by the respective authorities.

The operative officer in duty of the Border Service assured the reporters that "it is well known that the elephant hasn’t not crossed the Ukrainian border."
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