Statement of the World Congress of Ukrainian Lawyers

Statement of the World Congress of Ukrainian Lawyers
Kyiv, February 8, 2022

Statement of the World Congress of Ukrainian Lawyers

Against the background of an unprecedented buildup of military formations and armaments by the Russian Federation around Ukraine's borders, Russian occupation forces amassing along the contact line in Donbas, in the Black and Azov Seas, Ukraine together with numerous partners from democracies and international organizations, such as USA, Greate Britain, Canada, Poland, the Czech Republic, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, the Netherlands, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), the European Union and some others, resort to extraordinary diplomatic measures to curb Russia’s bellicose intentions, to prevent a "great war" in Europe.

The World Congress of Ukrainian Lawyers shares concerns of the governments of the above mentioned countries in connection with the inflaming of security situation around Ukraine, supports the collective actions of the West aimed at protecting the Ukrainian state and expresses gratitude to allies.

The World Congress of Ukrainian Lawyers states the following:

Ukraine has been resisting the aggressive behavior of Russia and its mercenaries in the east of the country for eight consecutive years;

As of today, Ukraine is holding back the imperial ambitions of the Russian Federation, which tries to destroy the existing fundamentals of the international legal order by infringing the principles of good neighborliness, norms of international law, and the provisions of the Budapest Memorandum;

Ukraine is the last frontier of democracy in the terrain of the former Soviet Union, standing in the way of political and legal reforms in accordance with European standards.

The World Congress of Ukrainian Lawyers states that either the hybrid war against Ukraine, or international crimes committed by Russian special service, are subject to a numerous international legal acts, including the Geneva Conventions for the Protection of Victims of War of 1949, the General Assambly Resolution 3314 (XXIX) of December 14, 1974, the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court of 1998, etc.

The World Congress of Ukrainian Lawyers states that the threats posed by Russia to the security of democratic countries, prompts all progressive people to unite with Ukraine, to condemn and deter the world redivision abbetors.

In order to preserve its sovereignty and freedom, to restore its territorial integrity, Ukraine needs further diplomatic, military and economic support of the Allies, security guarantees of tranceatlantic community, and the European Union membership.

The Governing Council of the World Congress of Ukrainian Lawyers is well aware that such aspirations are achievable only if successful political, legal and economic reforms in Ukraine are continued, corruption is overcome and the rule of law is established. At this very difficult time for our country, we call on all lawyers of Ukrainian origin, all Ukrainians of the diaspora, all people of good will, governments of democratic countries, international non-governmental institutions to stand up for Ukraine, to protect its independence and democratic choice by concrete deeds!
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