Individual Terror with A Baby Face

Individual Terror with A Baby FaceParis, Brussels, Nice and now Germany, Munich - the city which did not know since 1972 neither acts of terrorism nor especially loud crimes. The account of the victims of the last terrorist attacks in Europe already goes on hundreds. The fear strongly lodged in the consciousness of Europeans. Although the authorities at the national level and on the scale of all European Union do everything possible to prevent the carnages of innocent people, nobody gives a full guarantee, especially when the single terrorists take up arms. At the same time for life of people around it is unimportant what moves those criminals - Islamic radicalism, a sick misanthropy or household disorders.

About 18 hours of Friday, July 22, the tall young man dressed in black (only his shirt was white) and high boots, with a red backpack behind the back, directly on the street near the McDonald's snackbar, located opposite to the Munich Olympic shopping center (Olumpisches Einkaufzentrum - OEZ), took out the gun and began to shoot at passersbys. It did it methodically, quietly and silently. Then he proceeded to the shopping center where he continued desultory fire.

In a few minutes the capital of Bavaria was captured by panic - on a network in geometrical progression the messages on shots in OEZ were arriving, on the victims, on firing in other districts of the city, on the massive attack of terrorists. Such reaction is clear and explainable: after acts of terrorism in Paris, Brussels and Nice the Europeans are on a platoon, guessing where and when the next terrorist blow is struck.

The Munich police worked quickly. Patrol cars in 10-15 minutes arrived to the shopping center. The police officers who were on duty in civil clothes began to pursue the shooter and entered with him in firefight, but then lost him.
Individual Terror with A Baby Face

In half an hour the region of OEZ was entirely surrounded. Within one or one and a half hours the police blocked the city, stopped public transport service and closed departures. The central railway station stopped servicing passengers. The streets, squares, cafe and restaurants became empty. From above the city was patrolled by helicopters with snipers. Special police troops of a number of federal lands were called on alarm, from the neighbouring Austria more than 40 employees of the group specialized on fight against terrorism "Cobra" were put forward, the known German anti-terrorist division GSG-9 was moved to Munich. In total about 2300 police officers took part in the operation.

At the same time the Munich hospitals and clinics adopted effective action plan in case of an extreme situation. Doctors and nurses were urgently called on workplaces. In short terms all the necessary was prepared for possible resuscitation actions.

During the first hours the Munich tragedy, inconsistent information was coming concerning the number of possible shooters and victims. Police representatives, proceeding from the information arriving from the citizens, assumed that attackers there were at least three.
Individual Terror with A Baby Face

Later it became clear that three investigators were mistaken for the terrorists by the citizens.

After midnight it became known that the shooter acted alone - his corpse was found on a lawn in kilometer's distance from a crime scene. At 3:30 in the morning the police declared completion of operation. Sad result: 10 corpses, including the shooter, 27 people got wounds of varying severity, more than 100 people asked for the psychological help.

The head of the Munich police Houbertous André at the first morning press conference frankly admitted that for the first time in his working career he endured such a terrible event, which he cannot qualify - whether it was an act of terrorism based on radical Islamism or it is about a carnage for other reasons. There is an investigation which is going on.

The personality of the Munich shooter was identified quickly - it was the 18-year-old ethnic Iranian David S. who had the citizenship of Germany and Iran. At two o'clock in the morning the special police troops stormed the apartment of the parents of the murderer which is situated in only 2 kilometers from the shopping center. Before the tragic event, the family was not distinguished by anything in particular. The father works as the taxi driver, the mother works in shop, the criminal had a younger brother. The neighbors noted that before to a bloody Munich bath, all of them behaved peacefully and friendly, nobody showed the increased religiousness. The young man did not come into the view of police.
Individual Terror with A Baby Face

A little earlier in the social networks the video appeared: the residents of the house exchange words with the person, similar to the criminal, on a roof of the building of the parking area near OEZ. In the man's hands there is the gun which he recharges and shouts: "I am German. I was born in Germany in a quarter of the unemployed. I passed treatment. I have made nothing. Shut up!".

This video caused a heated debate in a network and among the experts in terrorism: whether there could be behind the Munich events the ultranationalistic German radicals who declared in this way the war to the State because of the migration policy? Right there many remembered that on July 22 there was the five-year anniversary of the Norwegian massacre, caused by Breivik. The press secretary of the party "Alternative for Germany" (AfD) added oil to the fire, placing an appeal in his Twitter the appeal to vote for AfD in connection with the "act of terrorism" in Munich.

The authorities of Bavaria, the Cabinet of Ministers of Germany reacted to the event giving the highest signal of terrorist threat. The Bavarian land's government held special crisis session on Saturday. The Security Council, headed by the Chancellor Angela Merkel and with participation of the Heads of investigation, counterintelligence and criminal police gathered in Berlin.

The alarm of politicians and officials is caused by the fact that some days before Munich's tragedy, on Monday, July 19, in a local train near the Bavarian city o the Würzburg another bloody incident happened. The Afghan 17-year-old refugee Riaz Khan Akhmadzay, armed with the axe and a knife, attacked the passengers of the train, having wounded hard several people - the family of the Chinese tourists from Hong Kong suffered in the incident. After that the migrant, having jumped out of the stopped train, struck with the axe two German passersbys and tried to attack the employees of police special troops who accidentally appeared in this place. Police officers used the weaponn and shot the criminal.

The tragedy in the train thundered all across Germany, alarmed by the fact that the minor refugee who arrived to the country a year ago not only quickly took up a cold gun, but also it became clear: he went to a crime for religious motives. On the Internet there was a video on which the Afghan, admitting commitment to ideas of the "Islamic state", prohibited in Russia, threatened to punish those unfaithul to Islam. At the entry into Germany he specified false personal data. The investigation which is carried on by the German Prosecutor General's Office has a suspicion that the criminal consciously hid the real age (on video he looks much more senior than 17 years) and the fact that actually he is a native of Pakistan.

Before the terrible act, the "Afghan", according to his acquaintances and a foster family, was not distunguished by anything in particular, he did not make offenses, he did not state extremist religious beliefs. In this regard the German experts, leaning on the first results of investigative actions in Nice about allegedly loner terrorist, whose outlook was promptly radicalized as a result of promotion of Islamic State, started talking about the possibility that Islamic extremists in Europe lean to new tactics: active recruitment in the terrorists' ranks external people, who are not distunguished by anything, those of the migrant environment. Then they organize the deployment of individual terror with their help - without creation of underground groups of fighters.
Individual Terror with A Baby Face

The representatives of GErman law enforcement agencies - the President of Department on protection of the Constitution (BfV) and the Head of Federal criminal police (BKA) - did not disprove a possibility of such threat, having noted that except the supporters and Islamic State, who are specially implemented in ranks of the refugees, the situation of social uncertainty among numerous refugees creates conditions for distribution of radical moods in the country. "We cannot, - declared the Head of BfV Hans-George Maasen, - to take all refugees in sight of our radar and to control what is happening in their heads".

The special concern is causes by the fact that at the moment neither police, nor immigration services of Germany have no information on location of more than 9 thousand teenage refugees who drove to the country independently without the family. Many of them, having become dependent for the material reasons on criminal groups, are engaged in drug traffic, make thefts and other crimes. The police does not exclude that for Islamic terrorists this category of juvenile migrants is the most interesting in the recruiting plan - the public opinion is inclined to show to children and teenagers bigger sympathy, than to adults.
Until recently the wave of Islamic terrorism avoided Germany. Since the beginning of year, along with state of emergency in a local train there were two more acts of terrorism: in January the teenage girl who sympathized the Islamic State, attacked the police officer with a knife in her hand, having nonlethally wounded him in a neck, and in April two 16-year-old teenagers from Muslim families undermined the explosive device in the wedding of the Sikhs - out of religious hostility. As a result, 3 persons got wounds.

P. S. On Saturday, in the afternoon, at the press conference, the representatives of the Munich police, prosecutor's office and judicial authorities reported on the first results of police operation and the first preliminary results of investigation. During the search in the apartment of parents of David S. numerous materials, in particular, newspaper cuttings and literature on cases of the carnages, committed by loner criminals, were withdrawn. It is not established yet whether the evidences of propaganda brochures of the Islamic State there were among the withdrawn material.

The police confirmed that the criminal used the gun of system Glok. At his disposal he had more than 300 cartridges. On the eve of the crime, he sent through Facebook the invitations to all his friends and acquaintances to come to the Olympic shopping center.
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