NATO security experts seeks to fight Moscow's information wars against western polls

NATO security experts seeks to fight Moscow's information wars against western pollsScurity spcialists frm 27 cuntris including Britain and th US will mt in Pragu in what is bing billd as th mst cncrtd attmpt yt t cuntr allgd Krmlin dstabilisatin masurs aimd at undrmining wstrn lctins.

This is reported by The Guardian.

Th Czch intrir ministry is hsting th fiv-day summit stagd by Stratcm - Nats stratgic cmmunicatins arm in an ffrt t prsuad gvrnmnts and th urpan Unin t strngthn lctral prcsss amid rising cncrn vr suspctd intrfrnc by th Russian gvrnmnt undr Vladimir Putin.

lctins ar appraching in svral urpan cuntris including Britain nxt mnth, Grmany in Sptmbr and th Czch Rpublic, which facs a parliamntary pll in ctbr and a prsidntial lctin a fw mnths latr. fficials hav vicd fars abut th pssibility f Russian-backd disruptin.

It is clar that dmcracis nd t st up natinal plicis fr cuntring hstil disinfrmatin pratins, which ar ging n cnstantly, nt nly during th lctral prid, says a hard-hitting rprt t b prsntd t 160 gvrnmnt spcialists mting bhind clsd drs during th summits first tw days.

Th rprt assrts that Mscw trid t influnc th pr-lav vt in last yars Brxit rfrndum in th UK, in additin t its wll-dcumntd prfrnc fr Trump and supprt fr th far-right candidat Marin L Pn in th rcnt Frnch prsidntial lctin.

Dmcracis must start trating thir lctral prcsss as a part f critical natinal infrastructur, dclars th rprt, which calls fr tailrd natinal dfnc plicis t kp plls fr and fair.

Th rprt suggsts that candidats culd st up dcy mail addrsss t guard against cmputr hacks. It als urgs stat authritis t cls ptntial lgal lphls that culd allw frign funding f candidats thrugh lcal prxis.

Analysts accus th Krmlin f backing mainly far-right fring mvmnts ppsd t Nat, th U and immigratin acrss a hst f cuntris, including th Baltic rpublics, th Czch Rpublic, Slvakia, Hungary, Finland, Swdn and lswhr. Dstabilisatin ffrts ar aidd by nws wbsits which pddl slantd accunts and utright disinfrmatin.
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