French presidential candidates split over Ukrainian issue during TV debates

French presidential candidates split over Ukrainian issue during TV debatesFrnch prsidntial candidats mmanul Macrn and Marin L Pn facd ff in a final tlvisd dbat last vning, ahad f vting n Sunday - th last chanc t pitch thir starkly diffring viws n urp, immigratin, th cnmy and Frnch idntity.

This is reported by 112 UA TV Channel.

n Wdnsday, May 3, in th final dbat prir t Sunday's final rund vt, far-right Marin L Pn facd ff in a fisty dbat against cntrist mmanul Macrn.

Whn th wr nxt askd hw thy wuld intract with Trump and Russian Prsidnt Vladimir Putin, th 39-yar-ld Macrn calld fr cpratin with Trump n intllignc sharing and cuntr-trrrism. Rpudiating th anti-Amricanism that ftn infctd Frnch frign plicy discurs, Macrn statd unquivcally "w nd Amrica." n Putin, Macrn was lss psitiv. H calld fr "d-scalatin" in Ukrain and Syria. But h claimd that whr L Pn wuld submit t Putin, h wuld stand firm.

L Pn, wh is 48, rpatdly cnvictd f hat spch, calld fr th distanc frm th Unitd Stats. And sh lamntd th mrality f ths wh lctur ladrs such as Putin. Whn Macrn intrruptd, L Pn jumpd at him. His rspns: "I'm intrrupting yu bcaus yu ar saying stupid things." L Pn cntinud. Franc's intrsts, sh claimd, wuld b far bttr srvd by an unrstraind trading and diplmatic rlatinship with Russia. Intrstingly, L Pn als brught up Thatchr and Ragan, claiming thir cnmic mdl has faild, anthr ffrt t attract far-lft vtrs.

Macrn sught, again and again, t dismantl L Pns utsidr prsna, rminding Frnch vtrs that hr fathr had run fr th prsidncy svral tims starting in 1974, bfr sh ran fr th first tim in 2012, with similar, dmsayr tns.

L Pn is at last 18 pints bhind rival Macrn in vry pll.
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