To the issue of OSCE police mission sent to Donbas...

To the issue of OSCE police mission sent to Donbas...I have only one question: who comes up with such ideas for the President of my country? – this is not a rhetorical question, but a real one, put on Facebook page by the Spokesman of Foreign Ministry of Ukraine (2005-2006), former Director of the European Integration of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine (2012-2013) Vasil’ Filipchuk.

"Well, but the President should have evaluated the quality of these advices and draw appropriate conclusions. These conclusions should take into account how unprofessionally some Minsk II Agreement’s points were written, how unprofessionally the efforts to send appeal to the United Nation for sending peacekeepers were undertaken... In each of these and many other cases the problems immediately were detected - so, they made it impossible to implement any of these ideas. The Russian Federation reached its goals, and 740 of our guys have paid their lives for diplomatic blunders since the Minsk agreements’ coming into force. Sometimes it seems that some Russian agents skillfully put forward these ideas to the President.

That's what the President is waiting for: "Only reinforced mission will be able to eventually provide sustainable ceasefire (!!!!) and security, the withdrawal of heavy military equipment and the withdrawal of Russian occupation forces (!!!!), regaining control of part of the Ukrainian-Russian border ( !!!!), says the President ...OSCE police mission will put permanent posts in the places of heavy military equipment’s withdrawal and on the uncontrolled segment of the Ukrainian-Russian border to stop militants’ supplies (equipment and ammunition) through it, underlined the Head of the State. "

It is advisable open the site of the OSCE or any research on police mission of this or any other international organization and read about the functions and the tasks that can be solved by the following mission:

"OSCE police operations are an integral part of the Organization's efforts in conflict prevention and post-conflict rehabilitation. The OSCE's police-related activities focus on challenges posed by trans-national and organized crime, by trafficking in drugs, arms and human beings, failure to uphold the rule of law and by human rights violations. Activities include police education and training, community policing and administrative and structural reforms."

So, it means that:

1. These missions are involved only when the conflict has broken out or it hasn’t been started yet, so people try to avoid and prevent it - or when it has already expired and it is needed to recover normal activity. We have the on-going conflict in Ukraine. Every day the soldiers are being killed - and the situation the President is talking about, cannot be stopped even by military peacekeeping operations, but only by the military operation of peace enforcement. If there is no such an operation - at first it is needed to achieve a political agreement, a ceasefire agreement from both sides to introduce peacekeeping operations - and only after that the police operation is possible. And not vice versa. At least until today, this was the order of things in the world. For some reason I tend to think that we will have it this way - and not otherwise.

2. The main tasks and responsibilities of all police missions are helping local police mission to improve the ability to perform their duties, so that it will be possible to ensure law and order. In practice - these are trainings, exchange of experience, etc. with the aim to fight international crime, smuggling, and human rights violation, and so on. In this context, does it mean that the new police mission on the territory of some temporarily occupied areas of Donetsk and Lugansk regions will improve skills and capacities of "people's militia" which will be established in accordance with the Minsk agreements, based on the current one, - as the President said - consisting of the Russian-terrorist groups? Well, I understand why Russia needs it, but what is the purpose of Ukraine in obtaining this aim? Where is our interest?

3. The Police Mission will facilitate the exercise of monitoring of the existing monitoring mission of the OSCE, the effectiveness of which is a standing joke at the moment. But - under no circumstances - it will be able to carry out the tasks the President is speaking about: a) ensure the sustainable ceasefire, b) ensure the withdrawal of heavy military equipment and the withdrawal of Russian occupation troops, c) regaining control of part of the Ukrainian-Russian border. The first two objectives cannot be reached as a matter of principle. The third, most likely, won’t be achieved as well. This does not enter in the functions of the OSCE police mission.

For those interested, I recommend to read about the functions of the most advanced OSCE police missions in Kosovo:

"Mission works with the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Kosovo Police and other public safety agencies to help improve overall effectiveness in combating and preventing all forms of transnational threats and fostering a safe and secure environment for all communities living in Kosovo. Its key activities include advising institutions on legislation, strategies and action plans, for instance on intelligence-led policing, and running training courses for law enforcement officials, judges and prosecutors on issues such as organized, cyber and economic crimes; corruption; forensic examination; anti-terrorism; illicit trafficking of drugs and hate crime. the Mission monitors the work of the Kosovo Police for their compliance with international human rights standards and provides recommendations on issues such as use of force, freedom of expression and assembly, and the protection of socially vulnerable groups. It also helps develop community policing practices and raises public safety awareness. "

So, it can be easily seen that there are no functions similar to those above-mentioned by the President.

And one more thing - the decision of the OSCE – is a consensus. The agreement of Russia and its satellites are required, as Ukrainian diplomacy has failed - or did not want - to record the status of Russia as the aggressor country and at least to try to remove Russia from decision-making process. It means, Russia should agree with all the elements of the mission’s tasks and functions. I think it is absolutely possible. If this mission gets the same functions and tasks, as the police mission in Kosovo. I do not understand just one thing - have we already agreed to the creation of a new Kosovo on the territory of the temporary occupied areas of Donbass and Lugansk? If not – what for do we need the police mission there?

We need an international qualification of Russian Federation’s actions as those of the aggressor. We need to remove it from the consideration of the issues about the conflict. We need an operation on peace enforcement - or if we cannot get it, then we need a peaceful political arrangement with Russia and / or other involved parties to resolve the conflict and restore our sovereignty, including that of the Crimea, and only after that we can have the multicomponent military and police peacekeeping mission.

Otherwise we will still have the conflict situation stuck on the same place without any positive changes,"- said Vasily Filipchuk.

Translated by Maria Kryzhanovska
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