ATO zone: Under the guise of "Training for the 9th of May parade” the militants are tightening the heavy weapons

ATO zone: Under the guise of "Training for the 9th of May  parade” the militants are tightening the heavy weaponsThis was reported on Facebook page of Dmitry Tymchuk from the "Information Resistance" group.

"Over the past days during the shelling of the forces ATO’s positions in Donbas the Russian-terrorist troops have lowered the number of cases of the use of "forbidden" weapons. The use of mortars by the terrorists (including 120-mm) was recorded in Avdeevka, Marinka and Zaitsevo area.

The main hotbeds of tension continue to be the areas of settlements Marinka, Avdeevka (up to the Opytno-Wodyanoe and Novgorodskoje), the settlements Zaytsevo, Zhovanka and Majorsk. The positions of ATO forces in the area of Opytno-Wodyanoe were shelled from the western outskirts of Spartak by the fire fighters group from the anti-aircraft gun-23-2 (2 units) and large-caliber machine guns. In addition, there is an activation of militants in the coastal direction and at the south of Donetsk: at the east of Talakovka two reference points of Ukrainian troops were shelled from a close range, several points were covered by fire of Russian grenade launcher automatic machines-17. Near Stanitsa Luganskaya during the night the fighters were firing from small arms and grenade launchers.

We must underlined the desire of terrorists to operate actively and covertly - in small groups of infantry - at the forefront and in the neutral zone in order to organize sudden attacks at ATO forces positions at a close range. Also, the militants are actively scouting the battle formations of Ukrainian troops on the front line and in the tactical rear; they update minefields and try to neutralize mine barriers of the Ukrainian troops.

Under the guise of "training for the 9th of May Parade" the militants are pulling together heavy weapons - tanks, armored combat vehicles and artillery systems - to several areas of Makeyevka and Donetsk at the same time. As for yesterday evening (20/04/2016) 20 tanks, 25 armored combat vehicles, 8-10 reactive systems of volley fire and about 20 artillery pieces of various calibers (including self-propelled artillery units) were noticed in the zone. It is noteworthy, that the weapons and military equipment, which was previously focused and masked by the terrorists in these settlements, will not take part in the "Parade".

The arrival of two "motorized infantry battalions" of Russian-terrorist forces is planned by the 25th of April, 2016 in the area of the settlement Lyubovka of Volnovakha district. The transfer of troops and armored combat vehicles is planned separately (equipment is transferred at night by short distance movements). Thus, the military leadership of the "DNR" continues to accumulate forces and military means near the settlement Dokuchaevsk.

Against the background of the lack of military success of the "DNR" gangs in the area of Avdeevka, with the help of illegal armed groups’ leadership, among the militants the rumors are being spread about the alleged conflicts with the use of weapons between the units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the National Guard of Ukraine on this front area. The rumors are spread with reference to the “military intelligence of DNR" in the context that the militaries of the Armed Forces of Ukraine oppose themselves to the “punitive” Guards. Allegedly, at the time of the last incident, Ukrainian commandos "killed" 15 National Guards. The militants are being inspired by the idea that soon “the Armed Forces of Ukraine will unite themselves with the militants."

The leadership of the "DNR" is trying to keep under its control the "business" of cashing the social benefits from Ukraine for the residents of the occupied areas.

In particular - in order to prevent the mass "pension tourism" – among the local population the information is being intensively distributed about the “fact” that the Security Service of Ukraine takes the "photographic images" of all the citizens traveling through the demarcation line with the unoccupied territory of the country, in order to arrest and withdraw the cash with the charges of "terrorist financing "- wrote Tymchuk on his Facebook page.

Translated by Maria Kryzhanovska
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