Ayrault-phobia and Steinmeier-mania of persecution of Ukraine

Ayrault-phobia and Steinmeier-mania of persecution of UkraineThese phenomena have embraced our para-political circles. I will allow myself to quote one of their representatives:

"That crap ... that the chief French diplomat issued in Mordor, dancing in front of the Russian Fuhrer the "dance of the French guest", puts in serious doubt the adequacy of a dancer ...

But, no matter how sharply the ghosts of the past torn the soul of Monsieur Ayrault, it is not a comme il faut to come down to this: "Kiev authorities, - said M. Ayrault, in the presence of Sergey Lavrov - must fulfill their commitments and implement reforms, including the insertion of an amendment to the Constitution about the special status of Donbass and the amendment about the electoral process in the Donbass region ... "

What happened there, in Mordor? Had he been served there, rotten oysters? Or the low-quality import-substitution parmesan?

What should we, Monsieur Ayrault, still need to add to our Constitution?

Maybe with a vote of 300 deputies of Ukrainian Parliament we should oblige the executive committee of Dnipro district to clean regularly the rain tanks on Rusanovka? Because after a rain there are a lot of puddles everywhere...

The tricky thing stands not even in the aftermath of tasting the bad Ryazan brie. But the fact that this pal ... ugh ... diplomat offers to introduce pro-separatists’ delirium in the Constitution. That is, in the fundamental law of the sovereign state.

Thank God, not with a mandatory brand name "Amendment of Ayrault '... Because in this case, two hundred years later, his descendants would be proud to tell their friends that their great-great-great-father ... personally changed the laws of the Constitution of Ukraine ...

And if our big wigs think how to get out of this situation, I recommend to read them the news about the recent meeting of the Government of Israel. Which was hold – for the first time - on the Golan Heights. After that Bibi Netanyahu said that the European and other interested political get-together must learn that Israel is not going to transfer into the power of Syria the Golan Heights.

And our authorities also need to hold - in an elegant political manner – some Cabinet meetings - in Mariupol and Severodonetsk, and bring to the attention of all these Ayraults and other Steinmeiers, that we will be able to deal with the issue of Donbass bandits on our own. And their task is- as much as possible - to push the Russian Fuhrer’s eggs with the heavy doors of sanctions, without telling us what and how we should write in our Constitution ... "

– commented on the situation the famous Ukrainian journalist Andrei Kapustin on his Facebook page.

Great, isn’t it? In all the senses…

So, the fuss in the Ukrainian segment of the political get-together circle began with the fact that at a recent press conference in Moscow the French Foreign Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault said that "we have discussed the situation in Ukraine. It is true that it is difficult ... We are all responsible for it. Donbas separatists should respect the cease-fire agreement. At the same time the new government in Kiev should also respect Minsk agreements and to carry out reforms, particularly with regard to amendments to the Constitution on the status of Donbass and the electoral process ", - said Ayrault.

To tell the truth, the Frenchman did not come up with a new political idea. Back in March, in Paris - on the eve of the meeting of Foreign Ministers of the countries of "Norman Quartet" - the German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier made two high-profile statements about the likely prospects for the Minsk agreements.

The first concerned a possible suspension of Minsk process in connection with the lack of progress in its implementation. The second is an explanation of how to demonstrate this progress: to hold elections in the Donbass region in the next six months.

And then, too, Steinmeier was not original in his proposals. Shortly before that Paris meeting he was in Kiev with Ayrault and explained in no uncertain terms, that the adoption of the law on elections in the Donbass will be regarded by the West as an important stage in the implementation of Minsk agreements on the part of Ukraine. What is not clear? The objectives have been set. The objectives are clear. Let us work, comrades! But the event took another course.

"First you need to perform the points, providing security of the citizens and the exchange of the prisoners. In addition, Russia should withdraw its troops from Donbass and to stop supplying weapons to militants. And only after that it will be possible to start a dialogue on the political part of the Minsk agreements, "- cut short the official representative of Ukraine in the tripartite dialogue Roman Bezsmertnyj.

And finally, the most surprising (for me personally), "Normandy four" should have discussed the armed conflict, which is again gaining momentum, not the elections", - said our Bezsmertnyj to Ayrault and Steinmeier, pointing them at their place in the history while discussing this point at issue.

I can understand both Kapustin and Bezsmertnyj. They have what is called a "heart which hurts for Ukraine." But in place of the Heads of diplomat Department of Germany and France, I would have been offended and I would have left.

And, apparently, among the "euro-doctors” the desire to pull the plug on this whole Ukrainian-Russian drama, tragedy and farce at the same time it is already ripe.

Recently, the escalation of the conflict in the eastern region of Ukraine has increased markedly, and in such conditions it is impossible to talk about the elections in the Donbass. This was said by the rapporteurs Christine Zelenková and Marieluise Beck during a recent hearing of the political and legal committees of the Assembly, devoted to the situation in eastern Ukraine, which took place in the framework of PACE in Strasbourg.

"According to our information, the Kremlin created five "ministries", which actually control the so-called LNR and DNR - Beck said. She called the current situation in the occupied territories a "hybrid annexation", which has become an inevitable consequence of a hybrid war waged by Russia against Ukraine.

The Commissioner for Human Rights of the Council of Europe Nils Muižnieks shared his impressions from the visit to the occupied Donetsk. He confirmed that the occupied territory is gradually but surely coming under the influence of Russia and becomes more and more isolated from the rest of Ukraine: "It is sad, but I have to admit that if this process continues any further, a large gray area will be formed in the center of Europe ..."

Europeans do not understand what to do with this "greyness". But at the same time they offer at least some sort of solution - "to stop the problem," and then solve it. Our politics, by and large, do not offer anything.

…They have nothing to offer. With all imaginable desire (actually, it doesn’t exist), it will be impossible to collect the necessary 300 votes for changes to the Constitution in the current Verkhovna Rada. Although - for the sake of the joke - I would have spent on this issue a signaling vote, so popular with many speakers.

And references to Netaniagu and Israel with their Golan Heights are just for fun. To do this, Ukraine should at least become like Israel (and live under the regular terroristic attacks), as well as to try to bring forth her own Netaniagu.

There is the second option: to protect by the fence not Russia, but “certain areas of Donetsk and Lugansk regions”. Following the example of the Gaza Strip. And to learn to live with all this. As the Israelis did.

Or we have the third option: to act as in his time "the Russian Führer" did with a sweep of Chechen independence. Are not they all the options?

I understand that it is terrible and undemocratic.

Apparently, it is much more democratic to be engaged in Ayrault-phobia and Steinmeier-Mania pursuit of our own weakness ...

Konstantin Nikolaev

Translated by Maria Kryzhanovska

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