Resurrection: Through the eyes of non-believer (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

Resurrection: Through the eyes of non-believer (PHOTOS, VIDEO)Let me tell you at once that I sincerely respect religions, Christianity in particular, and treat believers and their views with respect. But as we going to speak about the film (even if it is on religious theme), all my comments will be related not to the characters of the Gospel, but exclusively to the script quality, acting and other features, connected to the film.

The fact that only few people came for the pre-opening night show of the film "Resurrection" could be explained by reluctance to criticize the creators of the movie about Jesus Christ. Perhaps, the second reason is that the moment we are living in now, is not appropriate for fun, we have the other problems to face... And at this point those who did not come, were definitely wrong. And I will explain why.

I cannot name the film a landmark of the modern cinema or a masterpiece. I repeat, this is just my personal opinion. But this film stands out from the others on the same topic about Resurrection, because it has:

Carefully thought-out story line

It is not easy to interest the viewer, if he knows the plot in advance. But the script writers Kevin Reynolds (who is also a director) and Paul Eylo have struck it right: they tied the intrigue to the issue of politics and public relations. So, Israel is occupied by Rome, a preacher is being executed. Around him a small sect has been already formed. His followers do not only claim that Yeshua of Nazareth is the King of Israel, but also that he will resurrect to life after death. And when the body of the executed disappears from the sealed tomb ... Sorry, it's really an encroachment on the existing political system and the public peace: a question of security, so to speak. And what is more, the Caesar is going to visit Jerusalem ... According to the tired of all this mess Pontius Pilate (played by Peter Firth), the Roman tribunes Clavius (perfectly played by Joseph Fiennes) should solve the problem. By the way, the resolution of the scandal by denying the existence of the problem itself - does it remind you of anything?
Resurrection: Through the eyes of non-believer (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

The trick is that the viewer will have to - with bated breath (there will be a reason for this!) - wait: what will happen when a Roman, a sane skeptic to the bone and a battered warrior faces the extraordinary ... And this, incidentally, would be great - if all its seeming simplicity: Clavius will open the door behind which ... Mr. Fiennes, thanks for your talented acting!
Resurrection: Through the eyes of non-believer (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

Almost complete lack of sweetness

Statistically, Christian movie usually relies on the "tearful" episodes and pathos. It mandatory provides a beautiful perfect picture, where the Good is good in everything, and the Evil, in its turn, is also totally and all-absorbingly perfect. There are only black and white, and all the questions are answered by clear answers.

On the contrary, this film shows a simple, rough, perhaps even primitive life of Israel of the I century, and the Promised Land is rocky, sultry and merciless to the weak. Yeshua, played by Cliff Curtis, has little in common with a “cheap popular” image. At first glance, he seems even unremarkable, but not devoid of common sense and a sense of humor. The apostle Peter is funny in his irritability and touchiness, a crafty Bartholomew, trying to get out, and at the same time not to let down his friends, pretends to be an urban idiot ... But under all this shell and masks one can feel a boundless kindness. It is not exposed to the eyes of everybody, it exists like a hint: in fact, viewer, you do know who they are - the Master and His apostles...
Resurrection: Through the eyes of non-believer (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

By the way, even in the scene of the crucifixion - shown through the prism of the Romans’ perception – the pathos is reduced to "zero", and I would like to express my deep gratitude to the authors for this artistic decision. The scene with the soldiers, dividing among themselves the clothes of the executed, help to reduction the degree of angst. By the way, this scene is classic, coming to us from the medieval paintings.

Well-developed characters, even the secondary ones

The characters have their own set of personal traits, their past, their own history, which motivate them. For example, Tom Felton, who played Lucius (the "right hand" of the Tribune) in just the very first few seconds of rolling has managed to create an image of a "promising" young nobleman sent by his parents to make a career on the border of the Empire. He still possesses the teenage idealism, he has all life in front of him. So, fulfilling the orders and wishes of the experienced commander seems to him a strategically important career achievement ...
Resurrection: Through the eyes of non-believer (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

The presence of a real, professional, conscientious acting

If you decide to watch this movie, take a closer look at the tavern scene with a deserter-legionnaire who is madly getting drunk. His story about the morning of the resurrection of Yeshua is amazing. I have really believed that this man witnessed the unexplained - and for this reason terrifying - events, which struck him to such an extent, that the easiest way after is to forget everything in a drunken stupor, spending for drinking the whole "fee" from Jerusalem priests, paid for his silence.

The minimum number of obvious historical inconsistencies and "blunders"

At first glance, they do not exist at all. Although meticulous film fans and connoisseurs of the ancient history and culture will necessarily find them. Personally, I was confused by a very friendly, even delicate behavior of Clavius towards the low birth witnesses and suspects in his investigation of the "case of the missing corpse." In this moment the Tribune reminds a many-times stamped, easy-to-board and honest American cop. But so he was introduced by "Columbia Pictures" together with "Sony" ...

I was also puzzled by the scene of Yeshua's ascension. A bright flash and the consequential shock wave is more reminiscent of the start of "Falcon", and not "yielding to the astral plane" of the righteous person. At this moment the audience waited petrified, waited in vain for the appearance of a flying saucer or even a pillar of fire. Honestly, it would have been better if Yeshua simply had disappeared in the sunset (or sunrise? It happened early in the morning). In the current interpretation we lacked only Scully and Mulder above the Sea of Galilee...

In general, I really advise you to watch this movie. At least in order to see how dramatically a person - who witnessed the miracle and was lucky to understand it - could be changed.

Darina Plotnikova

Translated by Maria Kryzhanovska

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