From this moment on April represents a "Spring of civilized humanity"

From this moment on April represents a "Spring of civilized humanity"On April, 9, there happened an event equal in its importance to the invention of wheel by the humankind or of the steam engine. We can compare it with the first flight into space or to the astronauts’ landing on the Moon.

American corporation “SpaceX” is the first to succeed in the guided descent of the bottom stage of the rocket “Falcon 9” on an offshore platform, rocking on the waves in the Atlantic Ocean.

This means that without special re-entry vehicles, parachutes, capsules, "Buran" and "Shuttle", one can fly on a rocket from the outer space and land on the lawn near home. Then one can have breakfast and fly away somewhere to the side (like the heroes of Stanislaw Lem) from "The Cloud of Magellan".

But taking it seriously, this historic flight has marked the beginning of the orbital economy, representing the promising future of extremely cheap spaceflights. When landing, the launcher will not burn in the dense atmosphere layers, so it will be used a lot of times for restarting. Thus, according to the constructors’ statements, the rocket “Falcon 9” can be run into space up to 19 times. Consequently, the launches into space with a payload will be cheap and profitable business and soon the "caravans of rockets" will bring on Earth an abyss of materialized intelligence, scientific discoveries, and data, whose nature and usefulness is almost impossible to imagine.

Of course, much remains to be done, but April 2016 is now a symbol of a "spring of civilized humanity."

Strangely, or, perhaps, mysteriously, this event (landing on an offshore platform) coincided with another sensation in the Earth's history which happened in April. On the 12th of April, 1961, Yuri Gagarin was the first person to visit space. In order to understand what the “first man in space” meant for us at that time, we must remember that in those years the author of this article carried to school a fountain pen and the ink-box. And "take-off and landing" of today were taken out of science fiction of the cult authors—Isaac Asimov, the brothers Strugatsky, Ray Bradbury or Clifford Simak ... whom, however, we did not read due to the ideological prohibitions.

Of course, given the current "information forests and swamps", a soft landing of the American rocket, can be evaluated by the experienced cynic’s method—with "protruding lip and tired eyes" as a symbol of dull indifference. But even we—"overfed" by sensations and horrors, revolutions and wars—are being mesmerized by a huge rocket, slowly and precisely descending on a small raft on the vast water surface of the ocean.

As if there weren’t hundreds of thousands of kilometers of flight, entering into the "dense atmosphere layers", magnetic storms, rotations, winds and precipitations. In short, the triumph of the human mind. As Igor Talkov sang in his song: "I will come back to the country of geniuses, and not of fools."

But it's all "aesthetic", humanism, futurology, although pleasant and optimistic to the utmost possible level! No doubt, that in spite of the war, financial crises, hunger and the greenhouse effect, globalism and terrorism, mankind has entered a new era. Most importantly, this fact emphasizes that there are more creators than destroyers with a rifle in the hands in the world. Thank God, the era we live in today, is not determined by people with arms. Usefulness and appropriateness, humanism and progress win and triumph among Homo sapiens.

And now let us speak about the reality of our political existence. After all, I know, dear readers, how you all have got sick with it.

Do not laugh! Let's imagine how current Kremlin celestials—terrified and scared out of their wits—were watching the rocket “Falcon 9” landing on the platform. The Americans are the first for decades to come! This rocket can carry three tons of TNT or a nuclear megaton warhead directly at the Kremlin courtyard and land next to the "Tsar Bell" or "Tsar Cannon".

The same rocket can deliver a "capture team" that will arrest and will take away—directly to the meeting of the Hague Tribunal—the whole Politburo of Putin. Commenting on the recent successes of “SpaceX” and “Blue Origin”, Moscow’s “experts” as well as officials of many “Roskosmos” enterprises, believe that "this cannot be true" and "this is all assembled fiction," and then say with malice: "yes they land but soon they will begin to fall."

However, the landing on the platform in the open ocean is not a tank "Armata" stuck on the Red Square during the parade. And not even a "miracle killer"—anti-aircraft complexes “Buk” of civilian aircraft on the Palace Square!
From this moment on April represents a "Spring of civilized humanity"
Successful private US firm, "SpaceX" (there are dozens of them in the West), under the leadership of young and talented engineer billionaire Elon Musk pinned down the State program "Roskosmos" and Aerospace Forces of the Russian Federation supported by the billion costs of the State budget of the Russian Federation and hundreds of institutions, working for the benefit of the Russian defense industry.

Putin, with his distorted mentality and thinking, is pulling people into barbarism with all his forces. Constant "lapses" with falls, erroneous landings-off and Russian missiles, striking the wrong final aim, testify to the fact that without the Ukrainian specialists from "Yuzhmash" the Russian space-rocket industry has been experiencing hard times. Soon, they will be importing abroad "bolts, nuts and other high-tech equipment."

The historical truth as well as the absolute truth say that there is no way to stop social development and technological progress. It is known since the Second Lateran Council in 1139, when they tried to ban the crossbow in Europe. The progress lies in the sphere of individual freedom, society, intelligence, and couldn’t be determined by violence of monkey militaristic geopolitics.

Viktor Tymoshenko

Translated by Maria Kryzhanovska

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