Ukraine and Russia, let's try not to do trickery things

Ukraine and Russia, let's try not to do trickery thingsIf one tries to do one’s utmost, there should be results at the end and the aim should be achieved. We have been suffering with the election of a new Prime Minister since the New Year. Now let's see what will come out of it.

As the President said, there were no alternatives for the high position of the Prtime Minister, so it was necessary to appoint Groisman.

But "the idea of a technocratic government” - so close to the heart of Petro Poroshenko - has not found support among those who was once called "the coalition". According to him, "Yatsenyuk’s government has lost support because three factions left the coalition. And we have to respect that decision. "

I respect it. Although I always thought that the government has lost – first of all - the confidence of Ukrainian people. However, this is exactly the case when those who call themselves "the servants of the people" acted in unison with their "masters". I am joking, my friends. Beggars doesn’t have servants ...

I'm afraid that even quick Paruby - who represented the top of democracy at the time of the Maidan - will not be a new head "servant". But then Paruby was still a "young apprentice" in serious politics, and now he is a “veteran” with a rich political experience. But maybe I'm wrong ...

In general, whatever the situation, today - as the President said - "we draw a line under the crisis". May be, this day should be marked in the calendar yellow and blue? Not red - you can not do this, because red is associated with Soviet biggest feasts of the past. Decommunization is running smoothly and actively in the country. Taken into account the fact that nothing else is developing, we should be satisfied at least with this process. Of course, it is ridiculous. And sad. Because it is not held in the name of good, but evil.

To rename yet one another Lenin Street in Shukhevych street – it is just for spite, isn’t it? And all that is done out of spite cannot last for long. But you could have renamed Lenin street in the street of Good (who would lift the arm at Good?) - and that name would have remained forever. Because Good always triumphs over Evil. We know it from the fairy tales. And so I want to live in a fairy tale. But now it is necessary to fight off Evil and to come face to face with the reality ...

Although, it is a little bit strange that the role of the next "kamikaze" was not offered, for example, to Turchinov with all his experience. The nominee is quite digestible for the political block of Petro Poroshenko as well as for People’s Front. Or, maybe they suggested it - I do not know exactly. In any case, Alexander Valentinovich, who has survived in the harsh depths of Tymoshenko's political school, categorically doesn’t want to "merge" politically in the name of Homeland. Because it is obviously not for this aim did he come off the rows of the "Fatherland" ...

Turchinov, in fact, is remembered by me solely because today exactly two years have passed since the day of declaration of the notorious Anti Terrorist Operation. And is was Turchinov who declared it. On the 14th of April, 2014, Alexander Turchinov, while performing the duties of President of Ukraine, signed a Decree on the beginning of the antiterrorist operation. Prior to that, at the meeting, Council on the National Security of Ukraine had decided to launch a large-scale anti-terrorist operation with the involvement of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The first city where the ATO began, became Slavyansk in Donetsk region. It was the authorities' response to the seizure of administrative buildings and police stations.

Infographics of "Word and Deed" speak louder than words about it.

This is how the battle map in Donbas looked like two months after the beginning of the ATO.
Ukraine and Russia, let's try not to do trickery things

In two years, the area of fighting has expanded considerably, and the list of the cities under the control of terrorists has grown.
Ukraine and Russia, let's try not to do trickery things

According to the Unated Nation estimations, from the mid-April 2014 to February 15, 2016, 9 thousand 167 people were killed in the Eastern regions of Ukraine. More than 21 thousand were injured among civilians, soldiers and members of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Including 298 victims of crash of Malaysian Boeing.

At the same time, these figures are approximate. More than 1.8 million people fled their homes and the resettlement process is still going on.

Nowadays ATO resembles anti territorian operation. Because in these two years, in my opinion, everything was done aimed at non-returning of certain areas of the Donetsk and Lugansk regions to Ukraine. Even if they sometimes will come back geographically ...

Although how can they return? They can only be returned by force. With the help of the bayonets. With the usage of whips. Because Kiev doesn’t have any other positive measure left there to persuade them to do so. And if Kiev would have them – they had already asked to come back. Or they had migrated. By hook or by crook. Now this is already a new European trend. But if the residents of the “certain areas of the Donetsk and Lugansk regions" do not want to follow this trend, let them live in peace. In Russian peace. Or in whatever peace they have invented for themselves.

However, I do not like to speak about them. Even if they believe that Ukraine threw them out and abandoned them, and they unwittingly found themselves in the occupation, it is still possible to behave decently. It is proved by the Great Patriotic War. When the Germans were conducting our prisoners along the streets, the grandfathers (and grandmothers and great-grandmothers) of the current "occupied" were not applauding...

Well, have we something to applaud at the end of two years the ATO? No. The bleeding wound has been plugged with cotton wool of Minsk agreements.

Even Putin at today's 14-th in a row "straight line" with the people whom he himself entrusted to his own power said that their task is being done "really badly", recalling that Ukraine has not established in the Constitution the special status of Donbass and has not adopted the law on amnesty. According to Putin, firefight in eastern Ukraine an "excuse" for the failure of the Minsk agreements. "The President of Ukraine proposed to increase significantly the number of OSCE representatives along the contact line, including the battle line. I have supported such a proposal" – said Putin, reassuringly, adding in condescending manner, that "Russia proceeds from the fact that there won’t be a serious military conflict in Donbas any longer" .
Ukraine and Russia, let's try not to do trickery things

That's the story of today’s, still unfinished, day. And I would like to finish it using the words of illustrious Peter Mamonov, who celebrates his 65th birthday today. "Here are two women washing the floor. The first is doing it to get paid on the 15th of the month, and the second is working to make it clear. In the end, they will both get a salary on the 15th. But there is a big difference: one has done her job properly, and the job of the other was a pure trickery ... ".

Dear Russia and Ukraine, let's try not to be engaged in trickery process. Despite the fact that tomorrow we will have the 15th of the month...

Konstantin Nikolaev

Translated by Maria Kryzhanovska

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