Explosions in Brussels: Predictable, inevitable, easy to predict - Michael Weller

Explosions in Brussels: Predictable, inevitable, easy to predict - Michael WellerMigrant terrorists forced the Belgian king to leave the Palace. This is already an evident sign of imminent danger. Who stands unseen behind the scenes? The famous writer and philosopher Michael Weller is trying to answer these complicated questions.

1.The explosions in Brussels were predictable, inevitable, easy to be foreseen. The process of the rise of Islamic terrorism is going on. For none of the reasons of the previous terrorist attacks has been eliminated – people didn’t even dare to name these reasons. It would be contrary to the aggressive dominant ideology called political correctness.

The infamous "show of solidarity" of the Heads of States in Paris after the terrorist attacks showed a proud and principled Western impotence in the face of frankly lethal threats. We won’t take actions, we will not change our policy, we will not give up our views - even if we are all blown up! We are good.
Explosions in Brussels: Predictable, inevitable, easy to predict - Michael Weller

The blood of the victims is too high as a price, too intolerable to allow governments and reporters to tell lies. It's high time to learn how high-positioned freaks condemn to the death their fellow citizens and countrymen.

2. In the West - slowly but surely - the leftist minority has seized power in the last forty years. This minority usurped the universities, the media and parliaments, is characterized by duality of its outlook. When it comes to human rights and freedoms - they are terrible liberal Libertarian: the person is above society and the State, all individual pleasures are its sacred values, no one dares to encroach on the rights of the individual. When it comes to the economy - liberalism is gone forever, they are totalitarian statists: the State strips rich by high taxes and supports the poor, the unemployed, providing free housing and medicine. So, as for the rights of the individual, they are inveterate individualists. As for the distribution of the social products, they are convinced socialists. Here is a chimera image. The army of the officials regulates all aspects of public life.
Explosions in Brussels: Predictable, inevitable, easy to predict - Michael Weller

And these liberals and advocates of individual rights categorically deny, suffocate, and forbid any point of view different from their own. Alternative ideologies are not accepted by the intolerant Western liberalism.

But for some, it makes an exception.

3. Originally, as we take the genesis into account, the successors and disciples - all current versions of the dominant liberalism, whatever terms they may use to emphasize the small differences between them - go back to Marxism, neo-Marxism, Freudo-Marxism, Trotskyism, Maoism and the socialism of all kinds, including Fabian socialism, revolutionary, democratic and utopianism socialism and anarchism.

The followers of the teachings emphasize that they are for freedom and justice, endlessly refining and polishing the meaning of these words.

But they have long ceased to emphasize another fundamental feature of their views. So today the majority of the liberals do not even know about this nuance.

4. Originally, all the sources of this ideology were based on the fact that capitalism must be destroyed. The bourgeois state must be destroyed. Because it dehumanizes man, turning him into a mindless and soulless consumer, encourages the exploitation of man by man and in itself is based on the exploitation. Harmonious personality and conscious work for the benefit of the free happy man in the bourgeois state is impossible.
Explosions in Brussels: Predictable, inevitable, easy to predict - Michael Weller

Everybody knows the summary of the history’s events. “Demolish to the ground and then….”

But the horror is that there no other countries in the West except for the bourgeois ones! There was the socialist camp in the past, but it was destroyed and ex-social countries set off, following the same bourgeois way.

But. We are building a new world! Free and fair! But first it is necessary to destroy the old one. This is the way to universal happiness.

The destruction of the existing Western states is the basis which formed the foundation of the current liberalism. And no one was going to cancel this thesis and this goal! It is saved and preserved in silence. They try not to disturb the successful idiots from the establishment, who profess liberalism, by the excessive knowledge of the subject.

And we should know and remember about it.

5. But the bright and promising revolutions of 1918-20 quickly failed everywhere except Russia (USSR). Finland, Hungary, Poland, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Persia, Turkey – either showed ….to the world socialism, or strangled the revolutionaries. It was impossible to drive the mankind to happiness by bayonet.

Then the brilliant idea came to the minds of the Comintern’s leaders – starting from Gyorgy Lukacs to Gramsci. It was a wonderful idea. We cannot win capitalism by using the military force. Well ... Let's win it on peaceful level, in its own home. We will convince people, make them believe, re-educate them. IN the 1920s, the communists and socialists were the masters of promotion with great experience.
Explosions in Brussels: Predictable, inevitable, easy to predict - Michael Weller

But what keeps the state regime, proving the solid basis for it? The law, the government, the police. And the people there, where do these people come from? They are educated and formed by the system. What's this? Education and Journalism. Schools, universities and public opinion, expressed through the media. These factors determine people's views.

And what, in its turn, shapes the views of the carriers and distributors of ideology - of professors and journalists? Culture. Tradition. Family. Newspaper.

That means, that the supporting structure of any society, and of the bourgeois state in particular, is a culture - and, therefore, its institutions and basic values: family, patriotism, diligence, honesty, the whole morality, ethics’ system of social relations.

Culture is an information body of civilization.

That's what we have to destroy! - said the new revolutionaries, the parents of neoliberalism. And then the exploitative state would collapse.

6. In 1959 a slacker and a slob, a sociopath and a homosexual, a brawler and poet Allen Ginsberg promised to the society: "We'll take your kids!" And he kept his word. After 9 years, the baby boomers’ revolution broke out, tearing apart cultural fabric of society and ruining its foundations.

7.The values of family, hard work, patriotism, career and all forms of decency were announced to be outdates and openly harmful. The bans were lifted: bans on public mat, public discussion of intimate aspects of life, public nudity and sex, any dress code, compliance with cleanliness and so on. All these outdated conventions were declared to be the violence against the personality, imposed by the bourgeoisie for the exploitation of the masses and befuddling.
Explosions in Brussels: Predictable, inevitable, easy to predict - Michael Weller

A goal was to liberate man and confirm his right to happiness. For happiness one needed freedom. And freedom is the absence of any prohibition of any actions, if they do not harm the others, clearly and directly. And happiness is all kinds of enjoyment and fulfillment of any person’s wishes.

Sex, drugs, laziness, any lifestyle, music and utter high thrill are the inalienable rights of the person to be happy, and they are not subject to restrictions.

Church and State, which restrict the sacred rights of the individual at this happiness are reactionary and must be reformed.

Any violence is unacceptable. The other person and the state institutions do not dare, do not have a moral right to give orders to the individual and limit its free choice of lifestyle and worldview.

Because all people are brothers, all are equal, all is by birth have the same rights to all the good things of life.

8. Let us pay particular attention to this idea about equality in the universal brotherhood. Very soon its meaning became clear: lift up the weak – oppress the strong. It is necessary to sympathize with foolish, closing the way to the top of the smart. Give the poor and take away from the rich. For this is a great justice. And fraternity. Only in this way happiness can be achievable for everybody.

9. But there is a hitch. The rich do not want to voluntarily give away most of their possessions to the poor. Those in power do not want to share their power. The strong are not willing to be on the same level with the weak.

So, we need quiet or noisy, gradual revolution! We need to change social formation. And it can be done by the revolution in the brains. It is ideological revolution. But every revolution needs a driving force! And who is this?..
Explosions in Brussels: Predictable, inevitable, easy to predict - Michael Weller

The proletariat has ceased to be. The capitalists have bought the working class, covered it with goods, turned into mindless consumers and forced to work in order to consume more. Working class has become lazy and satisfied, it doesn’t want the changes any longer. The more capable and energetic can get a university education and a career in the ruling class, the renegades.

A peasant is petty bourgeois by nature and become a farmer-landowner: he won’t give up his possessions, the result of hard work during years and years of life!

Who will change the self-righteous, hypocritical, fat and rich, lazy world? Who has nothing to lose but their chains, lost by the proletariat? Who is dissatisfied with the existing order? Those are unhappy who want more, and see themselves as unjustly offended.

And we are not speaking only in the material sense, about the desire to have more money and clothes. The key point is the desire to have more fun and satisfaction from life in the broadest sense of the word. More rights. More respect. More self-affirmation. More equality and happiness.

Who is offended? Where are the sufferers? The oppressed? Who would support the idea of the reconstruction of the world in their favor?

The answer is: all the marginalized. All losers. All minorities.

10. All non-Christians are infringed by the fact that everywhere across the country people celebrate Christian holidays, and the unchurched have nothing to do with it. They perceive themselves somehow sideway of the dominant religion, they miss the general holiday.

All representatives of non-titular nationalities, especially non-white race, are infringed by the fact that the titular make a great brotherhood and minority remains on the sidelines, sometimes they are even laughed at, the merit o their nationality to the country is allegedly less though - taken separately – some people are talented and deserve awards, applauses and acknowledgment. But they take a job not among the first, and generally they are badly treated by the damn racists.
Explosions in Brussels: Predictable, inevitable, easy to predict - Michael Weller

All the unemployed are unhappy because of the fact of lack of work, not to mention the physical hardship. But capitalism encourages unemployment to reduce costs and make the working class more compliant.

All persons with disabilities are unhappy their ill health and inability to participate in normal occupations, hobbies and interests.

All migrants, who are not fully adapted in the society, are suffering because of the inequality of their historical culture with the local culture, they feel to be treated like second-class citizens.

And our feminists! Why are there no women in the Navy and Special Forces?! Where is proportional presence of women in science, business and politics?! They want only full equality! And let them box and pull the bar.

Gays and lesbians are also a social minority, discriminated in respect of rights on the basis of sexual characteristics.

All the above mentioned minorities is a real support for revolution, they represent our new revolutionary class! Based on their needs and support, we rebuild bourgeois society is a new, harmonious and equitable manner. Preferences can be different, but happiness is equal!
Explosions in Brussels: Predictable, inevitable, easy to predict - Michael Weller

11. And the target group remains the same in the course of centuries: of course, the youth. First of all, students! Because young people are always a nonconformist innovative class of active revolutionaries, ready to reform and rebuild. Children always rebel against their fathers - this is their biological and psychological nature of the age. The young always have to change the world and create happiness and justice.

The young are energetic! Romantic! Idealistic! And yet they lack experience, understanding of life has not yet come - but hormones push to play a rebel! In the young the need for action and denial of the existing world is always higher than the ability to analyze and understand.

What else is missing in the youth’s kit of happiness? Freedom of sex. Freedom of high thrill. And civil equality with the senior. And respect for the views of youth.

And why the students in the first place? They want more. They have big ambitions. The majority of them is vigorous, inquisitive, idealistic and noble.

12. Let us learn the lessons of history: the first wave of revolutions always walked side-by-side with romantic youth and the urban populace.

13. Satisfied, thriving, prosperous society was looking with fear and misunderstanding to the riots in 1968 - the revolution of hippies, colors and LSD. What do they want ?!

Against racism? Um, but they're right.

For people with disabilities? Um, it is right as well, we should do more for them.

For migrants? But we invite them. Indeed, it is disgusting not to give equal rights to these poor fellow-workers.

Women? Oh, we do love them .. Of course - let them give orders during the war and, sure, they will have the possibility to fight on the mat ... um, it is not exactly how it should be done, it is not gymnastics, but if they just want to ...

Equal civil rights of female vulva and anus male? Dear, you're crazy! But if you are ready to fight for twenty years for it... We are open to discussions.

14. To put in in a nut shell, the great liberal revolution has actually happened in the span of several years! The democratic system of government seemed to be ideally created for that.

All women, all people of color, all unemployed, all persons with disabilities, all outcasts and losers of all stripes – they all voted for the parties, which had proclaimed a new doctrine of equality. Equality, which equates an excellent runner to a lame, a moron to a genius, a slacker to a workaholic.

And since the foolish, the weak and the unsuccessful always represent the vast majority, the new government by the end of the twentieth century was governing on their behalf and was kept by their support.

And, of course, the ruling parties of all shades of liberal democracy, being interested in maintaining their power, were interested in maintaining (or even better - augmenting) their electorate. The electorate of the lazy, poor and various eaters of state benefits, which are distributed by the government.
Explosions in Brussels: Predictable, inevitable, easy to predict - Michael Weller

15. These new liberal politicians are not aware that they are acting according to the plan outlined by the European neo-revolutionaries back in the 1920s and thoroughly worked in the 1950s. They are acting according to the plan that includes the destruction of the bourgeois state and its replacement by a society of powerless equality.

The politician moves along a short section on the historical curve - and doesn’t see the end point: it is beyond his term of power. He is not interested in the end point! He lives within the limited years of his reign. And his strength and thoughts are directed to specific words and deeds, which will strengthen his position right now! So, he doesn’t thingk about the actions which will bring the benefit to the country in twenty years’ term.
Explosions in Brussels: Predictable, inevitable, easy to predict - Michael Weller

All Western politicians today are not strategists, they are tactics.

But the tragedy lies in the fact that their short positive and well-aimed - at least, apparently - tactics are being added up in the course of years, thus forming a destructive, suicidal, criminal strategy.

Their good intentions pave the road to the hell – this is exactly the case when the words of the famous proverb can be understood literally.

16. The fact, that all Western politicians who came to power through fair democratic elections are the populists isn’t a trouble. But the trouble is that they condone the destructive part of the population.

17. The biggest problem is that politicians, shaped by the ideology of the society, sincerely believe themselves to be high moral bearers of the European values. And, indeed, they are the European moral values bearers.

18. The root of the trouble stays in the crafty, educated and sophisticated neo-revolutionaries, who many years ago laid the foundation of those values in the same way as the fuse is laid in the grenade.

19. What are these European values? Observance of the rights and freedoms of the individual. Plus something else. For the purposes of the equality of all individuals - because they are different in their abilities and social status - we introduce a positive discrimination. The poor, disadvantaged and deprived have all the advantages and benefits in the face of the law before the strong, smart and healthy.
Explosions in Brussels: Predictable, inevitable, easy to predict - Michael Weller

20. For the better compliance of the values there appeared professional defenders. And their organization. They do not help the police to protect the rights of citizens – it is the police’s task. But they kept a sharp eye so that the State (represented by the police and other services) cannot violate human rights. That is: they are for a person against the State in the event of conflict.

The majority of human rights defenders are single women 50+. They have more time and less distractions. Their leaders are often men of all ages.

21. The fact in itself wouldn’t have created a lot of problems. But. The trouble is that the offenses are usually committed by the representatives of minorities: the poor, the unemployed, the drug users, the migrants. And all minorities need help in the first place! As a result, human rights activists are deploying public opinion to sympathize with the criminals, mitigating their plight and helping them get on their feet. It is easy to blame the damn brutal police who uses force more than necessary and severely violates the civil rights of the detainees.

22. We're getting to the point. When the “unfortunate” African worker, Muslim by faith, rapes and kills a Norwegian girl, human rights activists are silent. But if the police during the arrest breaks his jaw and gives him a cruel kick between the two legs, then he will be called a villain and he gets ready for the worst. During life imprisonment in European prison the defenders will make it sure that the killer will have three hot meals a day, shower, clean laundry and regular walks - all should be provided to the criminal according to the rules and regulations.

At the same time human rights’ defenders firmly know that they assure the guarding of the European values. They take pride in it and they will never compromise their principles.
Explosions in Brussels: Predictable, inevitable, easy to predict - Michael Weller

23. Western special services - highly qualified and equipped with the latest technology - after the attacks, at times demonstrate the wonders of quickness and are able to neutralize terrorists. But, unfortunately, it happens only after the tragedy. But terrorists are multiplying! Every year, their number has been growing! They penetrate deeper and deeper in the societies! Why? What is reason..?

And after each terrorist attack the government announces: dear Muslim fellow citizens and roommates! Do not worry, nothing will happen to you, no one would treat you worse, everyone knows that you are not to blame, it was blown up by the terrorists. A terrorist has no nationality.

Can a lie be infinite?

Somewhere there should be an end to it. But we do not want a lie to disappear together with the nation which is exposed to it every day.

24. So, any person without "special pathologies of mental development" can understand that the man is not a separate being, but part of his people, the group, the environment. And if character traits are defined largely genetically, the personality as a whole is formed by education, family, school, friends, teachers, religion, era and country.

The terrain on which a radical Islamic terrorism grows is – in the first and most general approach - the Islamic Ummah. And when after the next terrorist attack another public person says that it is "not Muslims and Islam" – these declarations are ... well, cunning. For someone who was born and lived as a Muslim, someone who wears, eats, prays and defecates, believes and behaves in everyday life as a Muslim, and dies with an exclamation of "Allahu akbar!" - destroying the infidels and leaving a message that this is a revenge for the evil caused by unbelievers to Muslims - who is this person? All the Muslims who slaughtered defenseless infidels - Armenians, Bulgarians, Greeks - they were not Muslims? And the Sultan of the Ottoman Empire was not a Muslim?

The people and pastor, who renounce any connection with and do not assume any responsibility for the crimes of the sons, are crappy people and crappy shepherd. (And by the way, now I do not mean Muslims when I am telling this ...)

25. More specifically, Islamic terrorists are being produced and formed by the Muslim community. It fed them, only inside it and through it they can create and execute terrorist plans. It is their food and shelter, here they can find help, here they are being provided with weapons and vehicles.
Explosions in Brussels: Predictable, inevitable, easy to predict - Michael Weller

In the era of a united Europe, European Islamic community, too, can be regarded as essentially uniformed and united. All Muslims are Brothers, is one of the pillars of Islam. And these are good foundations. It is bad when they start to work against you.

Is it necessary to recite the basic rules? The people create its heroes and criminals. Familiar to the ear? Well, Ummah creates its characters, its genius and workers - and terrorists as well.

To conclude the story, while in Europe there is a huge - and all the time increasing - Muslim community, the reproducing and breeding ground for Islamic terrorists is at hand.

(Note: for persons with intellectual disabilities: yes, yes, not only terrorists, but the terrorists, too.)

This is the first objective reason for existence of Islamic terrorism in Europe.

26. The second objective reason is ideological. The sermons of radical Islamic fundamentalism are not nipped in Europe. There are imams who openly preach in the mosques of Europe the future inevitable caliphate on these lands. And officially, no one in Europe – neither the Government nor the authorities - dares to say a word against Islam.

27. While there is the growing Islamic community in Europe, which - with impunity - is freely preaching the seizure of Europe and the imposition of its own laws and customs, the terrorism in Europe is not only unbeatable, but it will inevitably grow. For there is a terrorist who is shouldn’t be considered in itself, but as a function of the community, one of its functions. That is why the phenomenon will persist in the principle.
Explosions in Brussels: Predictable, inevitable, easy to predict - Michael Weller

28. And now let me tell about the underlying cause of terrorist acts and about the European values and political correctness, point by point:

29. Islam punishes by death an infidel who happens to be on the holy land of Mecca and Medina. Do you want to agree with Islam about equal rights on your own territory? And the attitude of the orthodox Muslim to the infidels as to an inferior race is still a closed mystery to you? Don’t you understand? You trash the holy sites of Islam - is it still unclear?

30. There is no country in the world with small or large Asian communities, Korean or Chinese, with the painful on-going problems of religious, racial or social clashes. These people are easily adapted to the environment, hardworking, they are more loyal and smarter than an average European. Are you still foaming at the mouth and in the brain, saying that a race and an ethnicity do not matter?

31. The police and intelligence agencies are not terrorized by criminals, but by government and human rights activists. Why is the police afraid to pop in Islamic ghettos? Because the blow thrown at you by an aggressively scoundrel, will cost you hassle, trial and possible demotion. "The use of disproportionate violence."
Give the police the chance to restore order by any effective means, and judge for resisting it. And you will have order and security.

The powerful take the migrants and stifles the police; and still they want to avoid being blown up.
Explosions in Brussels: Predictable, inevitable, easy to predict - Michael Weller

32.Upominanie of any violence against criminals causes the cries of the politically correct masses: "Fascism!" They have not yet realized that fascism is a convicted and cynical tormenting by alien criminals of the European population, rapes and beatings without any sign of remorse. Political correctness breeds fascism, directed against itself.

33. Hundreds and thousands of Muslims in possession of European citizenship, went to fight in the ranks of the terrorists in Syria - and safely returned back. Instead of being shot right on the border - for terrorism and crimes against humanity. Secret services usually know them - why are they enjoying freedom and liberties, why have not they been eliminated?! Well, then they will be ready to blow you up.

34. The authorities insist on not- mentioning the nationality of the criminals in the media - "so as not to provoke Islamophobia." Who creates Islamophobia – the criminals or those who rebuke them ?!

35. If a worker beats a European - the power of looking at it with its eyes half-closed, because the migrant is disadvantaged in his rights and he is miserable. If a European respond to the threat and defends himself by giving several kicks to the migrant – he risks to have a life imprisonment for the "crime motivated by racial hatred." Although Muslims hate Christians much stronger than Christians hate them. Christians are looking for trouble wherever Muslims are gaining momentum; remember the unfortunate Lebanon.

36. European value is the prohibition of media freedom for those who disagree ideologically.

European value is a ban on the self-defense from migrants: if you give a blow – you will be in prison. The rape of German women in Cologne and other cities - with the connivance of the police and the non-interference of men - is a European value. Let them beat and rapes But we won’t hit the criminal.

European value is a reception of migrants: they are a deprived minority, so they will receive everything, we have to give to them first of all.

European value is an imposition of a foreign culture without the protection of our own: for all men are brothers, all cultures are equal, and Muslims are poorer and underdeveloped, so we need to do them good in the first place.

European value is a pandering to crimes committed by migrants: police fears accusations of racism, let them better rob and rape white.

European value is a silence and lies about the programs of the right parties: read any of them - it contains no more than a call for fairness and common sense.

European value is to brand as fascism any opposition to political impotence.

European value is a blatant denial and prohibition to mention the irrefutable scientific evidence, contrarious to neo-liberal ideology of lies.

European value is the lack of equal fair trial, equal access to the media, equal distribution of social goods, equal right to one’s own culture in one’s own country (migrants arrived from their homeland with their culture) - in all the cases where the interests of migrants and indigenous people crash.

European value is a continuation of the reception of migrants, because they will vote for the Left Party, giving them all the benefits - and ultimately contributing to the destruction of the bourgeois state. Actually, from the very beginning, it was exactly the idea of the founding fathers of political correctness ideology.
Explosions in Brussels: Predictable, inevitable, easy to predict - Michael Weller

37. Here we are! We have a bees’ (or it is a wasps’?) nest under the roof. They live by their own laws: some collect nectar, the others take care of larvae, the thirds are building the cells, the fourths are guarding the house. The guards have aggressive instinct to sting strangers. The guard may fly away, but he will sting somebody all the same – it is an instinct, but somehow exaggerated. And the queen continues to lay eggs, and the territory of honey collection and preservation should be expanded.

And you are a big a nature lover: you have harbored a nest from rain and fed the insects with sugar.

And wasp guards already are flying into windows and stinging you right in your room.

You can catch and crush them one by one. But their number will only get bigger. Or you can throw away all the nest. And let them live separately from you.

38.EPILOG. Yes, there is a solution, but it is not liked by the very politically correct.

No reception for everybody who wants to come into the country - the government should set a strict quota, needed by the state, and approved by the parliament.

No multiculturalism - assimilation or rigid deportation.

Deportation for any offense or disobedience to police.

The death penalty for murder and rape.

No family reunification - everyone is admitted individually.

All suspected of the involvement in terrorism, in dealing with terrorists, in speeches and appeals aimed at ethnic and religious strife, should be put into prison or deported, as well as those who failure to comply with the laws.

Providing housing, benefits, work should be done only in the second place after the indigenous population.
Explosions in Brussels: Predictable, inevitable, easy to predict - Michael Weller


Cancel any form of "positive discrimination", terminate the state maintenance for slackers who can work but choose not to accept "unsuitable" work.
Stop material encouragement of family destruction (where people live apart because they benefit in taxes and benefits) ... But this is a separate topic.

And for the record – you will tell me that they were all Belgian citizens. There are a dominant group identity - and there are secondary ones. So, being Muslims is their dominant identity group. A being Belgian nationals is secondary. And they could have been citizens of Denmark or Sweden, or Germany – it depends on the fact where one can arrange his life earlier and better. It doesn’t make any difference! They do not become Germans or Swedes if they live on the territory on a determined country. So do not let them wash your brains: a citizenship today is protocol thing, bureaucratic point. It doesn’t determine the soul, because Islam values remained the same for all the terrorists.
Explosions in Brussels: Predictable, inevitable, easy to predict - Michael Weller

Translated by Maria Kryzhanovska
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