Klimkin: accusations of Czech communist against Ukrainians absurd

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Ukraine's Foreign Minister Pavlo Klimkin called claims of the head of Czech communist party Vojtech Fillip that Ukrainians suppressed the Prague Spring a complete absurd. He wrote this on his Facebook page.
Earlier Czech communist party’s leader, Vojtech Filip in the interview for The Guardian said that not Russia, but Ukrainians head of the USSR and Ukrainian soldiers of the Soviet Army are responsible for suppressing the "Prague Spring" of 1968.
“One hundred per cent [the history of 1968] is being falsified. Nobody will write that the whole idea is being based on the position against Russia,” he said. “But the politburo of the Soviet Union at that time had only one pure Russian, and he voted against [the invasion]. [The Soviet leader Leonid] Brezhnev was from Ukraine. The major force of the invading armies were Ukrainian.”
In its turn, the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry reminded that in Ukraine communist ideology is banned along with the Nazi one.

"I have long been wondering: why are the Communist Parties that still remain in some countries so fascinated by romantic communist ideas[/img]

"Obviously, the reason is not in communism or ideology, but in the nature of Russian totalitarianism, which in principle is unchanged under all regimes - tsarist, communist or Putin. Apparently, the Communists continue to see something endearing in the current Russian regime," the Foreign Minister added.
Regarding the accusation against the Ukrainians that they are allegedly guilty of suppressing the Prague Spring, Klimkin said it was a complete absurdity.

"Ukrainians suffered from the communist regime and, by the way, were also oppressed for many centuries. However, it was Ukrainians who in the former USSR actively protested against the occupation of Czechoslovakia in 1968 and showed solidarity with the Czechs and Slovaks. The names of Mustafa Dzhemilev, Vasyl Makukh, Zoryan Popadyuk are known to everyone, but not to the Czech Communists for whom unfortunately "Moscow is speaking," Klimkin noted.
While the votes of the 15 Communist MPs are essential to keeping the coalition between Babis’ ANO party and the Social Democrats (CSSD) in office, the arrangement masks the party’s political weakness, say analysts. Its declining membership has an average age of 75, older than the country’s average life expectancy. In last year’s parliamentary election, the KSCM received7.8% of the vote, its worse share since 1990.
As it was reported earlier, the Ukrainian Embassy in the Czech Republic is outraged due to Czech MPs visiting the Russian-annexed Crimea. The embassy reminded that the UN General Assembly passed the respective resolution (№.68/262 from March 27, 2014), in which it confirms the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine, and urges the member countries to avoid any actions, which may be interpreted as the change of status of Ukraine's Crimea. 
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