Eduard Uspensky dies: biography of children's book author

On August 14, the sad news came from Moscow – Eduard Uspensky, the author of the children's book, screenwriter, playwright, poet and just charming person died at the age 80. He could not fight cancer. Let's remember his artistic journey, main works and achievements.
Eduard Uspensky was born on December 22, 1937. His father Nikolai Uspensky was a worker of the Secretariat of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union and mother Natalya Uspenskaya was a mechanical engineer.

After the school, Eduard Uspensky attempted to follow the footsteps of his mother and enrolled at Moscow Aviation Institute, however, the attraction to literary composition won as he became the regular author in the student wall newspaper.
Eduard Uspensky dies: biography of children's book author

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In 1961, Uspensky graduated from the institute and began his work at the instrument-making plant. About the same time, his works were issued in the entertaining collections, newspapers and "Krokodil" magazine (Crocodile, the most popular satirical magazine in the Soviet Union, -

His first creative place of work was student entertaining-satirical theater Televizor (TV) in the university, later he headed its author's team. Also, he began to write the works for children. The debut in all senses author's collection of the poems for children was issued in 1965.
Eduard Uspensky dies: biography of children's book author

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The so-called franchise became the landmark for many generations of the Soviet children and the songs used in these films were sung almost at all places and during all events.

Another iconic work of Uspensky saw the world in 1974. It was children's novella "Uncle Fedya, His Dog, and His Cat", which also became the basis for the unbelievably popular cartoon "The Three from Prostokvashino" (The Three from Milkville). It was highly cited all around the Soviet Union.

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All other works of Uspensky also became very popular. Moreover, a lot of them became the basis of the popular cartoons well-known by children and their parents. His cartoons and books were loved by children but they also described the Soviet life perfectly perceived by the adults.
For this enormous heritage, Eduard Uspensky got a lot of awards, including the orders, prizes and so on. However, the best award for the author was the world-wide recognition – his works were translated into 25 languages and his character Cheburashka became the top-star in Japan in the 2000s and still it is loved there.

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The humor and sharp tongue of Uspensky were also loved, that is why he participated in the numerous TV programs and took part in the creation of some program for children, music programs.

What is important, Uspensky was not forgotten after the collapse of the Soviet Union and he remained to be loved by people.
Also, Uspensky tried to be involved in the policy, he was a member of the supreme council of one of the political parties but it was not his way. However, he also was not indifferent. Talking about the event of 2014, the annexation of Crimea he said:
"The country separated for 10% of clever people and 90% of the idiots. I think I am one of the clever as this story with Crimea is disgusting."
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