Russian doctors promise to "stuff" Sentsov with artificial nutrition, - lawyer

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Chief doctor of Labytnangi hospital (Russia) threatened the Ukrainian political prisoner Oleg Sentsov to tie him, give him medicine and feed with artificial nutrition forcefully, as Dmytro Dindze, Sentsov’s lawyer,
“Sentsov does not believe in provisional measures from the Russian side. Earlier, he was taken to a civil hospital for examination and a possibility to put him in a civil-type medical facility. The Chief doctor, as he had found out who was brought, said that he would tie Oleg to a hospital bed, feed him with medicines and artificial nutrition. If Oleg refuses, he will put a pipe with artificial nutrition into his nose or mouth, in his but in the last resort. There are such doctors in Russia!” he wrote.
Dinze also published a statement of Natalya Dobryeva, the lawyer who represents Sentsov in the European Court of Human Rights, addressed to Mikhail Halperin, Russian Deputy Justice Minister, where she asks to transfer the movie director to a medical centre in Simferopol.

However, Sentsov wrote by hand in the statement that he did not ask to apply for transfer. According to the movie director he was not sure he would be transferred there alive. Besides, Sentsov thinks that “no other doctors can treat him as he is not sick, he is on a hunger strike and he is not going to stop”.
As is known, the native of Crimea, film director and political activist, Sentsov has been serving time in the Russian penal colony in Labytnangi since May 2014. This spring, he announced a hunger strike, demanding to release all Ukrainian political prisoners, illegally held by the Kremlin. 

Oleg Sentsov was illegally detained in Crimea in 2014, then taken to Russia. They judged him and sentenced him to 20 years of imprisonment at a high-security penal colony. The prosecutors charged Sentsov with preparing terrorist acts in the occupied Crimea. Sentsov denies his guilt. Ukraine's government, common citizens and the international society - politicians, artists, public figures - urge the Kremlin to release him. 
Sentsov enjoys the wide support
 of the many in Ukraine and abroad. Rallies, where participants urge to release him, are held worldwide - in Ukraine, Russia, the EU and the U.S.
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