Savchenko refuses from polygraph test

Savchenko refuses from polygraph test

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Ukraine’s MP Nadiya Savchenko, accused of preparing a terrorist attack and overthrowing the State authority, did not undergo polygraph test scheduled for today, July 24, as Ukrainska Pravda reports referring to Oleksandr Shadryn, one of Savchenko’s lawyers.
“The expertise did not take place. Nadiya was taken back (to the detention facility, - ed.),” he said.
According to the lawyer, there are two reasons for that – Savchenko’s lawyer was not allowed to visit Savchenko and they wanted to ask questions which the MP applied for.
“The lawyer Oleksandr Tanankin was not allowed to visit the defendant. It was explained that allegedly the investigator did not give the permission. In a phone conversation the investigator said he did not object, yet, he was not allowed,” Shadryn said.

In his turn, Oleksandr Tanankin in the commentary for 112 Ukraine earlier today stated that the polygraph test was not an “objective” way to find the answers.
“It is not objectively. It is a psychoemotional examination of a person. If a person is worried or he/she is not ready or whatever. Many factors can affect that. Therefore, the information will be reflected wrong. Something happened, a person got nervous or thinks about something… Many indicators are taken into account. That is why a person, without even knowing it, can answer sincerely, but the computer will show some concern and doubt the sincerity of the answers,” Tanankin concluded.
Shadryn added that a relevant claim on the obstruction of lawyer’s legal activity was submitted to the police.
“Besides, the investigator wanted to ask his own questions – not the ones Nadiya asked for in her application. They have conducted one test with their questions. She filed an application asking to conduct another one with her questions. We got adversary proceedings,” the lawyer said.
He stressed that Savchenko wanted the same questions to be asked though in a different form.
“The investigator asked the questions wrong. For instance, she, as a military individual, was dealing with the weapon. Therefore, she will have some reaction to the word “weapon”. And they interpret such reaction as if the person was involved in some crimes. Nadiya made up the questions in a more proper form,” Shadryn explained.
The lawyer also added that Savchenko continued her hunger strike.
As we reported earlier, The Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) claimed that the psychological forensic examination with the use of the polygraph of MP Nadia Savchenko has confirmed her intentions of the coup d'etat, particularly the commitment of the terrorist act in the governmental quarter and the Ukrainian Parliament. The SBU noted that she worked out the clear plan of the murder of the states' leaders; she agreed with the accomplices on who and what should do during the attempted murder of Ukraine's leaders. She informed Oleksandr Tymofeev and Volodymyr Ruban.

On May 14 during the court session, Savchenko claimed that Paruby issued her a weapon commenting the statement of Prosecutor General Yury Lutsenko that the Russian officers issued her the weapons.
As we reported, Shevchenkivsky Court of Kyiv decided on the preventive measures for Savchenko, which is custody for two months until May 20, 2018, without a right for a bail. Besides, the Court decided that the detention on March 22 was illegal. On March 29, the Appeal Court of Kyiv kept Savchenko’s arrest effective.
The same day the MP went on the hunger strike. She also emphasized that she is not going to escape from Ukraine. On April 12, Savchenko was transferred from the remand center to the hospital for the examination.
On April 16, it was reported that Savchenko continued her hunger strike and polygraph was postponed until April 17.
Also, it was reported that non-affiliated MP Nadia Savchenko and Volodymyr Ruban, the Head of 'Officer Corps' planned to attack the cortege of the President of Ukraine with the large caliber sniper rifle. 

Earlier, Nadiya Savchenko underwent a polygraph test:
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