Ukraine borrows money from the West without holding accountability

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May 24 was a historic day for Ukraine: the Verkhovna Rada has been deciding on the fate of the Anti-Corruption Court. The key moment was the struggle for the role of the council of international experts in the selection of judges. They talk about the manipulations concerning state sovereignty and respect for the citizens of Ukraine from our partners, in particular, the IMF. Let us articulate the meaninglessness of this manipulation in three points.
Why international institutions[/img]
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Taking money for anti-corruption reforms does not mean humiliation, but control over these reforms is humiliation?
Ask representatives of the President Administration and the government who paid an electronic declaration for our country, please. Perhaps the MPs have received money, perhaps they reduced their salaries, perhaps they reduced the cost of the singing competitions? No! They were following some several hundred thousand dollars, humiliating themselves and the country. These are not billions. UN, give us money, please, because we cannot suffer. Maybe, some oligarch has donated his business and gave us money to reform the police? No. The United States was forced to give us this money, and this is the real humiliation for the country. The corruption is not just somewhere, but in the authority buildings. When, on the one hand, the estates are shown, and at the same time, an ordinary American, who pays all the taxes, is sitting somewhere in Connecticut and sees what is happening here with our government (again, not the Ukrainian people are doing this). Biden did not do it, this is done by specific people in the government bodies who subsidize the business of specific businessmen. What should American think? He paid taxes to Ukraine. For this money, the Anti-Corruption Court and the Anti-Corruption Bureau were created here, police reform and electronic declarations project were implemented. Then representatives of Poroshenko and Yatsenyuk introduce a law that they want to destroy the Anti-Corruption Bureau. Tell me, what should this American think? That this is not done by the Ukrainian people, there is no need to humiliate the people and the country. This will not happen if we have another authority. These people are destroying us, our sovereignty, that is why, different kind of Bidens exist, who conduct business with our corrupt officials and dictate to the president what prosecutor general to appoint.
We have already been trapped in this way during Yanukovych’s rule
When they say that the IMF is punching in an arm, it does not punch the Ukrainian people, but rather those who are stealing the money. We know the names of these people. And do not confuse them with the Ukrainian people. This is disrespect for the people. And secondly, this is exactly what Yanukovych did. With all my respect to the incumbent president, what is happening here reminds me of what happened in 2012. When President Yanukovych in his office issued an order to arrest Yulia Tymoshenko, her and then the imprisonment of Yuriy Lutsenko took place. Remember, what happened to the media and freedom of speech. Then international experts came and he replied: "What should I do? This is the competence of the independent courts; the parliament cannot pass a law to release Tymoshenko, you know!" And then they continued to say that Tymoshenko was a stealer... And the main goal is to funnel something into society and whitewash yourself and calm the international community like: "Look, I am doing everything possible, but it does not work."

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