Three attacks within three months: case of ex-leader of Odesa's Right Sector in points

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The attack at Serhiy Sternenko took place in the evening on May 24. He and his girlfriend Natalia Usatenko, the journalist of 'Peshy Misky' were attacked on Fontanska Doroha Street.
Later Natalia specified that it is the third attack within the three months.
Also, there are some details of the attack and two lines of enquiry.

All we know at the moment
There were two attackers.
Serhiy Sternenko used a knife during the attack.
One of the attackers escaped, the second was mortally wounded.
According to official data, Sternenko got incised wound of the left hand and a concussion.
Adviser of Head of Odesa National Police Ruslan Frostiak confirmed published information that the died attacker was the soldier of 25th airmobile brigade.
- At the moment, the police qualified the case as intentional infliction of moderate bodily harm, attempted murder and intentional homicide.
The opinion of Sternenko and his girlfriend – attack took place on the political grounds.
According to Strana that cited source at the law enforcement bodies, it was a murder not self-defense. Particularly, the source said that two unknown were not armed and Sternenko chased one of them and stabbed him twice in the stomach.
According to the source of Dumskaia, the wound of Sternenko was made by his own knife.
Vadym Oksyuta, the advocate of Sternenko has already confirmed that the intentional homicide is mentioned toward Sternenko. However, he noted that it is a preliminary qualification.
Previous attacks
The first attack at Sternenko took place on February 7. He was beaten up and the window of his car was broken.
The second attack was on May 1. Sternenko was wounded at the neck from the airgun. The police qualified the incident as intentional homicide.
After the last attack, Sternenko wrote an appeal to the law enforcement bodies with a request to provide him with the state security but got the refusal.

Who is Serhiy Sternenko[/img]
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Also, he is the active participator of the community actions in Odesa, including the blocking of the number of the concerts of the Russian singers. Particularly, he blocked the concert of Konstantin Raikin.
He also stood against the built-up of Summer Theatre in Odesa in 2017. the clashes between the protesters and the law enforcers took place. The case in the suspicion in the organization of the mass unrest was opened against Sternenko.

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