Simcord Company Has Launched the Bitbon Space Mobile App

Simcord Company Has Launched the Bitbon Space Mobile AppOn May 16, 2018, Simcord company launched the Bitbon Space mobile app. Now all important events in the crypto field, changes in the Blockchain technology and technical news of the Bitbon system are available on mobile devices.

The mobile app was designed as a supplement to the main Bitbon Space website. Its primary goal is convenience of the Bitbon system users when it comes to management of their digital assets. Synchronization of the mobile app interface with the system significantly simplifies data exchange, which makes work in the system more convenient and accessible.

The app functions on iOS and Android and can be downloaded in Play Market and App Store. The mobile app functionality will be expanded in stages. Currently, you can view the block with global news on main events of digital economy, innovations in the field of finance management and technical news of the Bitbon system.
In February 2019, the company plans to activate the app function, which will allow connecting your exchange accounts with ability to create Assetboxes and remotely manage your Bitbons.

Already in late autumn (November) of 2019, the mobile app will allow you to manage your shares in business projects using Projectbons. In March 2020, the function of payment for purchases in trading centers and online stores will become available. In October 2020, we plan to launch a global discount system that will unite various spheres of business into one common system of cumulative discounts and bonuses.

You can evaluate the functionality of the Bitbon Space mobile app right now.

Let us remind you that the Bitbon system started functioning on March 10, 2018, when the Bitbon system public contract came into force. This document establishes the tasks and objectives of the Bitbon system and formalizes a set of main terms and conditions of interaction between all participants. You can read the Bitbon system public contract on the official Bitbon Space website.
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Start of Open Bidding on the Bit Trade Exchange of Digital Assets

On November 16, 2018, the open bidding has started. From now on, the Bitbon System Users can purchase and sell Bitbons at the market price. Therefore, new functionality has been added to the website of the Bit Trade Exchange of Digital Assets.

Read more on the official website:

P.S: Before the start of the Digital Asset Exchange Bit Trade price of 1 Bitbon was equal to 6.45235 USD. After 4 days, the price of Bitbon has risen to 7.45 USD.
  • Laura
  • 26-12-2018, 11:49
  • : 11:49
Finally Simcord made something which I downloaded and liked a lot. Really simple interface and usability. I’m using this app for getting news in crypto space. What I want to see in future is the possibility to use Bitbon Space for managing my assets and Bitbons. By the way, integration of Projectbon in near future sounds promising too.
  • Duane
  • 09-01-2019, 19:24
  • : 19:24
Not bad App
Waiting thw moment when the trading functionality will be implemented
For now you can trade only on the official exchange
have you seen how to trade
the ability to buy and get bonus for this is really cool|especially on such a low price
  • Michael
  • 18-01-2019, 10:51
  • : 10:51
The idea is interesting. Reading crypto news is not so important for me because they are available on many websites. As for further development stages, adding the possibility of crypto asset management and payments can make the app a great comprehensive tool. So I am looking forward to February updates. Meanwhile, I’ve downloaded it to try out.
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