US and Russian sanctions against Russian citizens

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At last, the State Duma has published a bill on reciprocal sanctions against the United States. And it is very ... extraordinary.
How did all the previous "Our Answers to Curzon" appear[/img]
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Stealing patents from the US, prohibiting the supply of drugs, stopping cooperation with US companies and organizations, etc. - all these are the measures that could be possibly taken. Could accept, but nothing is done. If they start, watch out. Potentially, it prohibits the import of telephones and computers to Russia, ability to learn English with a native speaker or go to study abroad. But we do not have this yet.
We have a blank bill in front of us. Before the authorities could block anything as no bills were needed. And now there is a document, but there is no specific prohibition.

What does it mean? In fact, we can only guess. The first version: the Kremlin has not yet decided what to blurt out. Just in case, it has written everything that it could pull out of a hat; for example, the actual closure of the Russian sky for American cargo aircraft. Because to scare people is one thing and to implement the bill is quite a difference. After all, domestic companies would not be able to work around the world.
Or theft of patents - this is not a joke, the cases might be further considered in the international courts.
The current "response to sanctions" is like a dog barking behind a fence. If the fence disappears, the dog will stop barking because it will be scared.
There is a second explanation: they will simply vote for this convenient document, so that they could create us lots of troubles immediately, without additional procedures.

Soon, we will soon find out which of these two explanations is more correct.
But one thing is clear. The US sanctions create restrictions for Russian oligarchs and officials. Russia introduced restrictions for its citizens. So who is the fifth column here?
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