Suspension of Yanukovych's lawyers to fasten giving of sentence in his case

The Prosecutor's Office is ordered to achieve the sentence in the courts in all opened cases against Viktor] and this task will be fulfilled even if the suspension of all advocates of his defense is needed. Ukrainian News reported this citing Apostrof.
'Serdyuk (the lawyer of Yanukovych) and his partners are possibly the strongest advocate's group in Ukraine. However, they do not play for us but against us and delay the process by all means, questioned our witnesses the way that makes the judges to stall. They attempted to downgrade the role of our government in the keeping of the territorial integrity during the last questioning of the well-known politicians and military they attempted to prove the fault of the new government in the loss of Crimea', the source claimed.

According to him, 'if we do not sentence Yanukovych in any case after four years of the investigation, the Ukrainians will not understand this and the world will say that we have no evidence of his fault'.
The recent appeal of the Pechersk District Court to the Qualified-Disciplinary Commission of Lawyers that can finish with the deprival of the advocate status from Vitaly Serdyuk and his colleagues Ihor Fedorenko and Andriana Fozekosh (who also defend Yanukovych in the case of the state treason) is the coercive measure.

'It became obvious during the questioning of Arseny Yatsenyuk and Arsen Avakov that Serdyuk and his team will not let the president and other important witnesses to speak and give the testimony to the court. We can get the sentence in this important process in the proper terms and calmly hear the witnesses only if the state advocate replaces Serdyuk. And we strived for this since the beginning', he explained.
At the same time, the source from the Prosecutor General's Office expressed the belief that this initiative of the prosecutors and the Pechersk District Court will finish with the temporary deprival of the advocate status from the Yanukovych's lawyer.

Earlier Pechersk District Court demanded from the Qualified-Disciplinary Commission of Lawyers to bring Vitaly Serdyuk, Ihor Fedorenko and Andriana Fozekosh to the responsibility due to the systematic disruption of the court process.
The judge of the Pechersk Court saw the violation of the professional ethics in the actions of the lawyers during the consideration of the appeal of the Prosecutor General's Office on the investigation against Yanukovych in the Euromaidan case in absentia. This appeal is considered by the court since September 27, 2017, and more than 15 court sessions took place.

Serdyuk claimed on January 4 when the decision was made public that he intends to appeal against it and noted that the actions of the judges will be estimated from the point of view of the presence of the signs of the crime such as making of a travesty of justice and hinder of the legal advocate activity.
Serdyuk claimed on December 27, 2017, that the authority intends to suspend him from the defense of Yanukovych by all forcible means.
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