"Jamaica coalition" possible after September parliamentary election in Germany - Poll

 "Jamaica coalition" possible after September parliamentary election in Germany - PollChancllr Angla Mrkl's cnsrvativs culd frm a thr-way calitin with th libral Fr Dmcrats (FDP) and th pr-nvirnmnt Grns aftr a Sptmbr parliamntary lctin, a pll rlasd by th Frsa Institut n Wdnsday shwd.

This is reported by Reuters.

Such a "Jamaica calitin" - a rfrnc t th black, yllw and grn clrs f th Jamaican natinal flag - is alrady undr discussin in th nrthrn stat f Schlswig-Hlstin aftr Mrkl's Christian Dmcrats (CDU) scrd a dcisiv victry thr n Sunday.

Sm CDU lawmakrs, including Dputy Financ Ministr Jns Spahn, said this wk such a calitin culd als b an ptin n th natinal lvl aftr th Sptmbr lctin.

Th Frsa pll, cnductd fr Strn magazin and bradcastr RTL bfr Sunday's rginal lctin, shwd supprt fr th CDU unchangd at 36 prcnt, whil th Scial Dmcrats (SPD), currntly th junir partnr in Mrkl's "grand calitin", gaind n prcntag pint t 29 prcnt.

Bth th cnsrvativs and Scial Dmcrats hav said thy hp t nd th currnt tw-way calitin and lad th gvrnmnt with smallr partnrs aftr Sptmbr.

Th FDP and th Grns bth std at 7 prcnt ach in th Frsa pll f 2,004 ptntial vtrs, giving th thr partis a cmbind 50 prcnt, just nugh t gvrn.

Th FDP srvd as junir calitin partnr t th CDU and its Bavarian sistr party, th CSU, fr almst half f fdral Grmany's pst-war histry. It drppd blw th 5 prcnt thrshld fr lgislativ rprsntatin in th 2013 natinal lctin but is xpctd t xcd that lvl in Sptmbr.

Th anti-immigrant Altrnativ fr Grmany (AfD) drppd n prcntag pint t 7 prcnt in th pll, which was cnductd n May 2-5 and has a margin f rrr f plus r minus 2.5 prcntag pints.

Mrkl xpandd hr lad vr th SPD's tp candidat Martin Schulz, th frmr prsidnt f th urpan Parliamnt, gaining n prcntag pint t 48 prcnt, whil Schulz drppd n pint t 27 prcnt, th pll shwd.

It als shwd supprt fr Schulz amng his wn party mmbrs drppd svn prcntag pints t 67 prcnt frm th prvius pll a wk arlir, whil Mrkl's supprt amng CDU supprtrs rmaind stady at 90 prcnt.
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