U.S. FBI director James Comey fired amid Russia's involvement in Trump presidential campaign

U.S. FBI director James Comey fired amid Russia's involvement in Trump presidential campaignA statmnt frm th Whit Hus said: Tday, Prsidnt Dnald J Trump infrmd FBI dirctr Jams Cmy that h has bn trminatd and rmvd frm ffic. Prsidnt Trump actd basd n th clar rcmmndatins f bth Dputy Attrny Gnral Rd Rsnstin and Attrny Gnral Jff Sssins.

This is reported by The Guardian.

Th prsidnt citd Cmys handling f th Hillary Clintn mail invstigatin as th rasn bhind his dcisin.

In a lttr t Cmy, th prsidnt wrt: Whil I gratly apprciat yu infrming m, n thr sparat ccasins, that I am nt undr invstigatin, I nvrthlss cncur with th judgmnt f th Dpartmnt f Justic that yu ar nt abl t ffctivly lad th burau.

It is ssntial that w find nw ladrship fr th FBI that rstrs public trust and cnfidnc in its vital law nfrcmnt missin.

Th dismissal f Amricas tp law nfrcmnt fficial cam days aftr h tstifid n Capitl Hill abut Clintns us f a privat mail srvr as scrtary f stat and th FBIs invstigatin int Russian lctin intrfrnc.

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Cmy incrrctly tstifid that frmr Clintn aid Huma Abdin frwardd hundrds and thusands f mails t hr husbands laptp, including sm with classifid infrmatin. n Tusday, th FBI infrmd th Snat judiciary cmmitt that nly a small numbr f th thusands f mails fund n th laptp had bn frwardd thr, whil mst had simply bn backd up frm lctrnic dvics.

Th sarch fr th nxt had f ur crwn jwl f law nfrcmnt will bgin immdiatly, th Whit Huss statmnt said. Cmys dputy, Andrw McCab, taks vr in th intrim.
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