March of million masks ended with clashes with London police (video)

London police arrested at least five participants of the ‘march of million masks’ for violation of order. This name was given to the demonstration against capitalism organized by the group of the internet-activists ‘Anonymous’. Several thousands people took part in the evening march earlier.Faces of the most protesters were covered by the masks of Guy Fawkes who is considered a symbol of the anti-globalist and anti-capitalist movement. Thousands of police officers with shields, helmets and batons were called upon in the centre of London. Helicopters were in the standing patrol in the sky. Demonstration started peacefully, but later clashes between the participants and the police occurred. Official representative of Scotland Yard or London Police Headquarter announced arrest of five protesters. Reasons of the arrest were assaults of police officers and resistance to the police. On-line version of the newspaper Evening Standard reported ten arrested persons. Participants of the demonstration stood against mass trailing of the special services, austerity measures, increase of communal payments and civil rights violations. One of the posters contained: ‘Only solution is revolution’.Where the demonstration was conducted Protesters moved from the Trafalgar Square to the British Parliament building on the Whitehall street, where the buildings of the Ministries are located, including the residence of the Prime-Minister David Cameron. But the police forces surrounded the Palace of Westminster where parliamentary sessions are held and the protesters were not allowed to approach it. Partly participants of the ‘march of million masks’ separated from the main column and attempted to approach the Buckingham Palace, or the royal residence of the British Queen Elizabeth ??, but they were prevented from doing it by the police. Some protesters started throwing metal barriers that served as a fence for the Palace area, but they did not attempt to storm it. Another column of protesters walked along the Piccadilly Street, then along the central shopping Regent Street to the Headquarter of the broadcasting corporation ‘BBC’ and the shopping Oxford street to the direction of Hyde park. At the Westminster Bridge, across the Parliament building at the same time occurred similar protest against austerity measures where the deputies and representatives of the left wing of the Labor party Jeremy Corbin and John McDonnell gave a speech. Recent action looked like flash mob; its participants came to the city centre of London upon the call of anonymous organizers published in the social networks. Organizers announced that marches occurred in 400 cities around the world, including Washington, Chicago, Vancouver, Tel-Aviv, Paris, Dublin and Sydney.Last year a group of hackers the ‘Anonymous’ conducted similar demonstration in the centre of London.What means the mask of Guy FawkesAt the night of 06 November Great Britain marks anniversary of exposing the Gunpowder Plot – attempt of the state coup committed by the English catholic in 1605. Celebration was named as the ‘Bonfire night’ or the ‘Guy Fawkes Night’. According to this tradition people burn bonfire and set fireworks. In 2006 American movie anti-utopia ‘V for vendetta’ was released. Plot of the movie contains not real story over the conspirators struggling against the ruling fascist government in Great Britain. In order to keep the anonymity they wore Guy Fawkes masks. Particularly from those times this mask became a symbol of protests. It is also an emblem of the hacker group ‘Anonymous’. It was used at the demonstrations by participants of the movements ‘Occupy Wall Street’, ‘Occupy London’ and similar groups with anti- globalist and anti-capitalist character. 
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