Kim Jong-un Warns Trump

Kim Jong-un Warns TrumpPyongyang warned President-elect Donald Trump to avoid the mistakes of the Obama administration in a foreign ministry memorandum.

The U.S. should “scrap its anachronistic hostile policy,” North Korea’s foreign ministry asserted, noting, “This, and only this will be the first base of resolving all the issues.”

The North blasted the Obama administration for “criminal acts” against North Korea.

Crimes included hostile attempts to bring about political suffocation and system collapse, intensified military pressure accompanied by nuclear threats and blackmail, and inhumane sanctions created for economic suffocation purposes.

While the North says it is suffocating as a result of U.S. actions, the lavish lifestyles of the Kim dictators are well documented. The people struggle to find food, yet Kim Jong-un gains weight, which is rumored to be a byproduct of his regular consumption of fine wines and cheese. The “supreme leader” imports luxury items and uses state funds to build extravagant structures. North Korea also invests a large portion of its GDP into its national defense programs.

The North asserts that its militarization and nuclear weapons programs are responses to U.S. pressure, not the other way around.

Pyongyang accused the U.S. of putting political, military, and economic pressure on the North to cripple it and ensure U.S. domination of the Asia Pacific.

The U.S. has been trying to “politically stifle the DPRK and overthrow its system by all means,” the foreign ministry claimed.

North Korea restated its previous assessment that the Obama administration’s North Korea policy has been a “total and complete failure.”

“Trump is well advised to learn the lesson of history from Obama’s failure,” the pro-North, Pyongyang-controlled Choson Ilbo, a newspaper published in Japan, said after the election, “Otherwise, the new owner of the White House will be met with the ashes of the calamity started by the previous owner.”

North Korea demands recognition as a legitimate, normal nuclear state and perhaps sees opportunities under the incoming administration.

“Following the U.S.’ recent presidential election, North Korea has attempted to indirectly put pressure on the incoming U.S. administration to alter its policy… this time the country seems to be testing the U.S. side in the form of the foreign ministry memorandum ahead of the launch of the new Trump administration,” South Korea’s foreign ministry spokesman Cho June-hyuck explained in a press conference Tuesday.

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