Fear of a new war

Fear of a new warGerman magazine Der Spiegel columnist Benjamin Bidder writes that after the incident on the border between Russia annexed the Crimea and Ukraine, "the case could well reach a new escalation of the crisis. "Especially because, as reminiscent of a journalist, already one calendar is a "bad omen", because "in the past 25 years, August was the fateful month for Russia, because it is in August, there was a coup against Gorbachev in 1991, the default of 1998, the loss of the submarine" Kursk "in 2000 and the war with Georgia in 2008". So, President Putin has stated that "Ukraine has moved to terror". His "Ukrainian rival denied this information, calling it a Russian fantasy", but nevertheless Kiev led his troops in a state of full combat readiness.

The incident marked the beginning of tensions, according to the FSB as follows: in the night from Saturday to Sunday from Ukraine in Crimea tried to infiltrate a group of armed men with 40 kilograms of explosives. Their goal should be to become a "vital infrastructure facilities in the Crimea" and "swinging the socio-political situation before the elections to the State Duma in September."

"In general, now it seems that the incident will throw far back all attempts at a peaceful settlement of the crisis in Ukraine", - notes the Bidder. Especially because on Wednesday evening, Putin has already announced the cancellation of the next round of negotiations.

"In turn, Putin's tough rhetoric and the possible failure of the negotiations may be a sign that Moscow is once again beginning to behave still (...) and saber-rattling," - continues to Bidder.

Thus, the Russian Ministry of Defence has stated that the death of two Russian soldiers who died during the arrest of Ukrainians will not go unanswered.

"Meanwhile, in Ukraine in full creeping fears about what a way Russia simply looking for a pretext for a military campaign against it. Many experts have already conducted a parallel with the August 2008 war, when Moscow took advantage of Georgia's attack on the breakaway region of South Ossetia in order to penetrate the . Then the Georgian territory, Russian forces destroyed many military bases candidate for NATO membership ", - says the Bidder.

Also on social networks in Ukraine goes another keyword - Gleiwitz. As explained by the publication, in 1939, the SS soldiers in Polish uniforms staged an attack on a German radio station in the city, which served as a pretext for an attack on Poland.

Whatever it was, but on Sunday night at the boundary between the Crimea and the Ukrainian mainland, most likely, there was really some kind of incident. Locals in social networks confirmed that they had heard gunfire in the early morning. However, as it adds to Der Spiegel, Moscow seems very doubtful assertion that those who tried to enter the territory of Crimea, Ukrainian special forces were, as their actions look very unprofessional. Indeed, in recent years Russia seriously strengthened border security, and the time for this alleged intrusion was not chosen by the best. Also strange, that after the failure of the first group on Monday night in the Crimea tried to enter the second group.

For all these reasons, we can assume that the "Ukrainian activists wanted to act at their own risk in the rear of the enemy, the more that in November Tatars have disrupted the supply of electricity to the peninsula". Moreover, not a commando looked and the man showed the Russian TV. In particular, the newspaper notes, it was stretched sweatpants, not a little beer belly, and he was a driver-trucker.
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