Refugees-Muslims are threatening the Christians

Refugees-Muslims are threatening the ChristiansRefugee Muslims who threaten Christians in Germany should be punished more severely than it was before, says Mahin Musapur, pastor of the Persian community in Frankfurt. It is supported by a deputy of the Bundestag Erika Steinbach.

Politicians from the CDU advocated the deportation of Muslims who insult or attack the Christian refugees for religious reasons.

"We are witnessing the terrible attacks on our core values and our Constitution. Such a crime for me is worse than shoplifting ", - says Steinbach.

 While the deportation by today's rules can not be implemented. "But no-one stoplights in this country, we lose everything to the last thread."

Conservative politician known for its provocative notes on Twitter on asylum. It also stands for the adjustment of the European migration policy. Indirectly, it criticizes the decision and the chairman of the party, Angela Merkel.

The EU should build refugee camps close to their external borders. "Then the people there will remain until such time as the war is over, and then they will return home." In this regard, it absolutely agree with the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Austria Sebastian Kurz, who recently spoke not only for the suspension of negotiations on the accession countries to the EU, but also for the cancellation of the migration agreement with Turkey.

Pastor Musapur during a joint press conference with deputy Steinbach told about the many problems in the refugee camps, but without naming any names or details. "They are afraid of retaliation or fear losing their refugee status if they complain." So check here the complaint is difficult.

However, not only Musapur recently spoke about the plight of Christians in the occupied mainly Muslim camps. For example, in North Rhine-Westphalia in the tent town near Bielefeld 14 young Iranians Christian faith was threatened with death if they did not renounce Christianity.

Because of their faith they are persecuted in their homeland, sometimes even arrested, said an employee of the refugee camp. Therefore, men have fled to Germany, where they continue to harass and threaten them.

Refugees-Muslims say that all Christians unclean

Particularly "shameful" for Musapur Steinbach and this circumstance. "It can not be that someone was looking at us from the shelter of their faith, and we could not defend."

According to the pastor of the Evangelical community, Christians in the camps hear in his address from the Muslims, that they - "less friendly than a dog", and deserve death for having abandoned Islam.

Break bikes, children's toys, in some of the camps after the meal they have to wash not only dishes, but also the whole kitchen.

"Many of the refugees-Muslims say that all Christians - unclean" - Musapur notes.

Many apostate hide this fact. "When they come on Sundays to our service, you pretend to visit friends." The Bible, as well as religious symbols, crosses hide. Those who changed his faith, but does not live in the camp, there are also problems. Musapur itself has been threatened in the street with a knife.

Steinbach: "No one dares to tackle this topic»

The separation of Christians and Muslims is no longer a taboo subject.

"Although I do not support the division on religious grounds, in other words, probably will not work, - Musapur thinks otherwise, - We are here in Germany -in a Christian country. We should not conforming with the rules of the game. "

According to Steinbach, all German politicians understand this danger, but no one dares to tackle this topic. But she fears that if you give it to others, will be even worse.

Politics has long been listening to the wrong voices, which would be followed. For example, the Islamic organization DITIB. "Black-and-green" the state government of Hesse is working with an organization close to the Turkish president on Islam lessons.
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