Belarusians have created a keyboard that will help you work to faster

Belarusians have created a keyboard that will help you work to fasterBelarusian startup Pleasier confident that their innovative design makes life more convenient office workers.

The team Pleasier 5 people - the head (CEO) Valentin Falcon, COO Michael Krupenkov, Dmitry and Yuriy Zakrevskii Lagutik responsible for the technical part, as well as designer Igor Solovyov.

All of them used to work in other companies, but left them in order to fully engage in their project - for this you need to be completely self-reliant.

Office in Minsk, the guys gave the company Promwad company - one of the largest independent electronics design center in Eastern Europe. Interestingly, Pleasier located in the same room with the Belarusian startup R-Nox, known for his dosimeter Zive.

As Mikhail Krupenkov name of a startup - a combination of two English words - Pleasure ( "fun") and easier ( «easier"): "It just reflects the essence of what we do - products that simplify life and pleasurable."

While typing on a regular keyboard, we are constantly distracted by the mouse (or the touchpad on a laptop) - move the cursor, change the font, select a piece of text in a Skype answer, in the end.

In Pleasier want to minimize the effect of "distracting" to all of these actions can be done without taking your fingers off the keyboard.

To do this, they replaced the letter "A" and "O" (in Russian keyboard layout) to the two touch panels. The left ( "A") is used for vertical scrolling (scroll), the right is a tiny touchpad and mouse simultaneously.

Buttons are chosen not by chance - it is they put the index fingers of hands with a blind set. However, those who watches the buttons, they are also quite useful, since they are at the center of the keyboard.

Until Pleasier have a working prototype of the gadget, which they did on the basis of Apple keyboard (the final instance will have its own design). While the prototype only works with Windows-based computers, and makes it far from being stable.
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