Is the electoral fraud today?On the example of Russia

Is the electoral fraud today?On the example of RussiaIn Russia, saying: "The result of the election is not determined in the voting booth, and during the vote count." Basil Weissenberg, which is an observer in the elections, said that this saying is no longer true.

According to Weissenberg on the fall elections will affect to a greater degree what will happen to them.

Basil works in a voluntary association of "The Voice", which is one of the most famous Russian organizations to observe the elections.

This organization was among those who, together with journalists denounced numerous irregularities and fraud observed during the elections to the Duma in 2011.

The result of the revelations then became a huge demonstration.

'The Voice' Association has been recognized as a foreign agent, which is considered the political organizations financed from abroad.

It is obvious that in this year, the Kremlin does not want a repeat of previous situations and seeks to elections in which the law will not be violated, and there is no gross fraud.

One step in this direction was the appointment of former human rights activist Ella Pamfilova, chairman of the Central Election Commission of Russia.

Former Prime Minister of the Russian Federation and the current chairman of the party Parnas Mikhail Kasyanov, in an interview with Yle estimates Pamfilova choice for this position positively.

"At least, unlike its predecessor, it will not give instructions to break the law and to change the results."

According Weissenberg and Kasyanov, the problem is in the legislation, which does not guarantee the absence of fraud before the election.

According to the former prime minister, Russians have deprived the most important institution of democracy - elections. He believes that Putin is afraid of elections, and the people, so the election results tend to intervene in advance.

One of the problems is to register as a candidate. In Russia, half of the deputies elected on party lists, the other half - in single-member constituencies.

In order to register as a candidate, you need to recruit a sufficient number of signatures of supporters. The number of signatures must be at least 3% of the total number of votes in the region, from which the candidate is elected.

"Very often the power is the reason why part of the signatures are considered invalid, and thus the candidate nomination difficult," - says Weissenberg.

The second obstacle for the candidates is the ability to use the media.

Under the law, all parties should be given equal time in the media, but in practice it happens anyway. Hardly anyone can buy advertising time.

The third problem is the so-called administrative resource - the basic concept of pre-election work.

"This means that someone can use their position to promote their own interests or the interests of his party - explains Vasily Weissenberg.

A person occupying a high position may, for example, require their subordinates services that will contribute to the promotion of its products and its print advertising before the election. The schools are handing out campaign leaflets to children to ensure that they carried them home, although the political work in schools is prohibited.

Parnas Party, headed by Mikhail Kasyanov, was faced with difficulties in registering. The party was able to register only in 2012, after the European Court of Human Rights has ruled on this issue.

"We have for the first time will participate in state elections, it is certainly progress, but this does not mean that the elections will be more honest," - said Kasyanov.

In Russia there is a special concept: non-systemic opposition. This term means the party who is not represented in the Duma, such as "Apple" or Parnas.

To apply systemic opposition Communist Party, the Liberal Democratic Party and the "Fair Russia". Of these, only the Communist Party has some issues a position different from the position of the party in power.
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